Steve Knight VS Popp: II

Steve KnightVSLenny Popp

After refusing to fight Steve for a good portion of the day, people were finally able to convince Popp to take on Knight in their second fight. It's a good thing he did, because it made for the best fight of the day and it showed that Steve Knight with-out-a-doubt had definitely became the most improved fighter of the boxing season (with some thanks to the punching bag that he set up and used in his apartment.)

The bell rang and as soon as it did, Steve went off with guns a blazing with left and right jabs. Popp managed to defend most of these as he backed off from Knight who was hit hard hard. It appeared for a moment that Popp learned his lesson about keeping his body down from his first fight with Knight as he kept even level at the beginning. But that soon faded as Popp decided to take on more of a stay-low defensive strategy. This time he would keep his hands up in a more ready position so this time he just wasn't blocking; he was waiting for the opportunity to strike. But even that good defense wouldn't hold Knight at bay. Halfway into the fight Knight was able to get a right body blow directly into Popp's gut. With the wind knocked out of him, Popp moved back from Knight. With Popp stunned, Knight then took the opportunity to come in with a right hook straight to Popp's head (which would cause the busted ear). After that hit, Popp had to regain his composure from the pain in his ear. Within a few seconds the fighters touched gloves again and...Popp came in with a cheap right hook which Knight didn't take to kindly to:

Popp getting a cheap shot on Steve Knight

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After that the cheap hit, Steve went into no-mercy-annihilate-the-opponent state of being. Knight came in furiously with left and right uppercuts at Popp who was now ducking and blocking. Whether intentional or not, Popp cleverly used this moment to keep blocking for Knight, not wanting to use all his energy for nothing, gave up on attacking the defensive Popp. As soon as Knight did, Popp came right back at him with left and right jabs until he got one right in Knight's head:

Popp faking Steve Knight to get some hits in

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Knight came back at Popp with more uppercuts and punches but Popp was on the defense and didn't let any punch make contact before the end of the first round. Both fighters, who are still avid smokers since their first fight,  had to take quite a break afterwards:

After some complaining about his ear and a well rest up, both fighters were good to go for round 2.

As soon as the gloves were touched Knight, who was anticipating another cheap hit, quickly backed off from Popp and went into a defensive stance. Popp would stay back for a moment trying to feel out his opponent, but found that he let his guard down a little too much as Knight came in with some fierce punches to the face. After Popp backed off and recuperated, the fight went on. This time Popp slowly approached Knight as they both tried to think what the other was going to do next. Popp went for some fakes, but found that Knight quickly called his bluff and went offensive again. Popp would push Knight's arms aside and tried to back off. He then went back into his defensive position again. Like before, this would prove fatal (figuratively speaking) for Popp as it allow Knight to come in with an uppercut to crack Popp's defense easily and allow for a heavy combo straight to Popp's head:

Steve Knight Pulling off a wicked combo on Popp

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After that combo, Popp took a good number of seconds to recover. Once he did, and after some complaining to Knight about attacking him while they had locked arms, the two fighter went at it again. Popp would once again try his strategy of long-paused-defensive then attack, but Knight wasn't buying it this time and kept attacking until the rest of the round was up.

After another good rest, the final round was on. For a long moment, both fighters stood posed ready attack but just standing there with the only noise being heard was the music. Steve the broke the music with his war cry and began to attack Popp. Popp, who was a little less defensive, struck right back at Knight until he got a few good head blows in at which time he began defending again. 

A little after, the fighter were appearing to slow down as they were attacking less and just walking around staring at one another. They didn't attack until the crowd egged them on to hit one another again. Nearing the end of the round I noticed something, that Popp would normally fight standing straight up with Knight unless he took a blow to the head which would cause him to duck and curl his arms around his head to defend. This only seemed to work against Popp. When Popp stood even with Knight, Knight couldn't hit Popp as well because they have a pretty even reach. But when Popp would go defensive like that Knight inevitably busted his defense with an uppercut which allowed Knight even more head blows. This would turn out to be Popp's undoing as nearing the end of the final round he put himself in the same position as mentioned before. Except this time Knight, knowing the round almost being over, came at Popp with full force and gave him a hard hitting uppercut that left that silly expression on Popp's face (it's hard to see with the lighting in the footage) well after the fight was over. The audio was left on to show how hard he hit (it was pretty loud considering you could hear it over everything else):

Steve Knight dealing a heavy uppercut to Popp (Audio Included)

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Later on, nearing the end of the boxing day Popp and Knight discussed the fight. Although we didn't get all of the footage, we were able to get some of the dialogue that happen between the fighters.