Roger Knight VS Lee

Roger Knight VSCraig "Chalky-Fingers" Lee

 Nearing the end of the boxing day Knight and Lee. both already warmed up from prior fights, squared off in the boxing ring before the end of the day. Both fighters are pretty light so their evasiveness was to be expected. The was very much like Lee VS Vaughn in that both were so good at evading neither really hit each other hard and when they did make contact it was usually their arms locking together. At one point Knight tried to break the stalemate by getting Lee into a headlock which he stopped after being told  by his brother, "No headlocks!" (It didn't seem to prevent Elizabeth Wilson from doing so) Soon after that the round ended and the cameraman showed more interest in Claire Dufton instead of the fighters. As Dufton showed her tongue tricks to the camera, the fighters posed and rested. Once the second round started the footage didn't begin recording some bit into it. Once it did start recording, it caught Lee getting knocked down by Knight which was about the most exciting thing left in the fight. The second round continued on much like by the first, but after this round the fighters wouldn't have any more punches in them and they ended the fight.