Clark Vs Lee

Peter ClarkVSCraig "Chalky-Fingers" Lee  

Fresh from his fight from James Hess, Peter Clark was ready to tear into his next challenger. Craig Lee took on the challenge of defeating Clark who was "in the zone" after a shocking victory over James "Lord of the Dance" Hess. Things were pretty slow that day as it took a while before the fighters went at it. Things picked up once the fight started, but it was still pretty slow paced compared to other fighters seen before. 

Both fighters had about equal builds, so Clark wouldn't have as easy as he would with Hess. Lee's main strategy in the first round was pretty much stay low and defend from the hits Clark would throw. It seemed to work for him as most of Clark's hit were avoided. Both fighters did well defensively starting out as they rarely got direct hits on one another. Nearing the end of the first round it looked as if Clark might have gotten the advantage as hit got a head shot in on Lee. Leaving Lee open to attacks, Clark thought he might get some extra hits in before the round was over, but Lee was able to defend himself despite showing some signs of slowing down before the round ended.

The second round was mostly Clark on the offense. Lee didn't count on Clark's stamina being so high. Even though Clark had fought one fight prior, he still had a a lot of punches left in him. Lee did his best to keep up with the attacking Clark. Staying low, he would manage to dodge the hooks Clark would throw allowing him to stand back up and counterattack with his own punches. Despite this Lee seemed to be tiring out, Clark would throw punch after punch and not look winded. Lee on the other hand was slowing down slightly. 

Both fighters had a long sitting before the third and final round. At this point, you could see both fighters were wearing themselves out. It was only time before one them dropped in the final round. Finally, while Steve was enjoying his beer and cigarette, the fighters took to the ring for the final round. Early into the round Clark came in with a right hook that while Lee managed to block it also managed to make him kiss the ground. Lee was back on his feet in no time and the fight was on again. Both fighters swung a lot slower, but were nonetheless determined to knock the other out. As it continued on, Lee threw some nice looking jabs that look like they could floor Clark. Unfortunately, Clark managed to push Lee's fists away from him causing the 2nd fall down. The crowd perked up, could a T.K.O. happen? The crowd was cheering for it, but it was not to happen. With only a few seconds left, Lee managed to hold his own against Clark before the bell ending the 3rd round. Both fighters, walked away from the ring victorious in their own right.