Sheri Lossner

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Full Name:  Sherial Lossnerial Lossner

Homepage:  N/A

Email:  [email protected]

Birthplace:  Alanta, GA

Birthdate:  March 12, 1978

Sex:  Female

Height:  5'4"

Weight:  134 lbs. (sans coat) 158 lbs. (plus coat)

Special Moves or Tactics:  Wearing coat, kicking, biting, dating mason roberts, the same ol' bitch stuff.

Quote:   "Hey hand me another beer!" -Me

Injuries to Date:   -Dating Mason Roberts

Fights:  Sheri Lossner VS Mandy Schneider

Something about yourself: Larry Bird is my 2nd cousin's stepfather friend's sister uncle twice removed.

Thoughts on SBB: It'd be better with more leather.