Shawn "If the Name Don't Rhyme It Ain't Mine" Conn

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Full Name:  Shawn Robert Conn


Email:  [email protected]

Birthplace:  Jeffersonville, IN

Birthdate:  April 25, 1980

Sex:  Male

Height:  5'6"

Weight:  150 lbs.

Special Moves or Tactics:  Likes to fight the opposite sex and stay low to the ground.

Quote:   "This is a sport of death and honor, code of the gladiators!"

Injuries to Date:   -Bruised Head -Busted Nose -Chipped Tooth  -Bite mark scar (I love you Claire!)

Fights:  Conn VS Steve Knight Conn VS Josh Newton Jody Barnes VS Conn Jody Barnes VS Conn: II Conn VS Dufton Conn VS Dufton: II Conn VS Dufton: III Conn VS Dufton: IV Conn VS Dufton: V Conn VS Dufton: VI Conn VS Dufton: VII Conn VS Dufton: VIII Conn VS Mercer Conn VS Summerfield Conn VS Roberts Conn VS Roberts: II Conn VS Vaughn Conn VS Garcia Conn VS Vaughn: II  Conn VS Huston Conn VS Nugget Conn VS Mercer: II Conn VS Young

Something about yourself:  Not much to say, um my name rhymes. I also created this website and um I'm depressed right now. I like making (.)(.) with parenthesis and periods.

Thoughts on SBB:  Looking back on my fights, I see that the majority of them are against women (if you count Claire as a girl which some people have said otherwise). Should I be embarrassed? Um, probably not because I always know Jody is a more shitty fighter than I am.