SAM Vaughn

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Full Name:  Sam Vaughn

Homepage:  N/A

Email:  [email protected]

Birthplace:  Louisville, KY

Birthdate:  January 2, 1982

Sex:  Male

Height:  5'8"

Weight:  160 lbs.

Special Moves or Tactics:  Swing with the right, block with the left.  Move around a lot.  Get hit in face.

Quote:   "I hate having ketchup on my hamburgers."

Injuries to Date:   Sore face, tired arms

Fights:   Will Davis VS Vaughn Will Davis VS Vaughn: II Vaughn VS Young Lee VS Vaughn Conn VS Vaughn Conn VS Vaughn: II Lee VS Vaughn: II Keeney VS Vaughn Rogers Vs Vaughn

Something about yourself:  I float like a big chunk of lead, sting like a ...  never mind.  I only fight wussies.

Thoughts on SBB:  Steve's Backyard Boxing (SBB) is a curious reflection on the modern male (and, in fact, female) state of being.  While nearly everyone knows that getting hurt is something to avoid, apparently there is a group of people -- normally quite sane -- who choose to get  together on Sundays and beat each other.   From an anthropological point of view this is definitely a throwback at least to the Romans.  The connection with the Gladiators is obvious; however, it is also inaccurate.  The Gladiators provided entertainment for the masses, and while SBB is entertaining to the audience, the primary purpose is to entertain the two fighters.  Furthermore, there have not to date been any lions observed at a session of SBB.

    Another fascinating aspect of SBB is the inclination the participants have to fight with their best friends.  The predicted response would be to fight with an enemy, or at least with a person not close to the fighter.  However, at SBB the opposite seems to be the case.  Fighters go out of their way to do battle with some of their closest friends.  One hypothesis is that this has something to do with the consumption of alcoholic beverages at SBB, but the data suggest that, unbelievably, not all SBB participants consume alcohol.  That in itself could be the topic of a detailed analysis, but is outside the scope of the present work.

    Returning to the main focus of the article, the authors have concluded that SBB is a form of release of ancient aggression and powerful violent feelings.  The wide grins often seen on SBB participants show that they truly enjoy fighting, strange as that may seem.   It is for that reason that the authors tentatively approve of the SBB concept -- as violent and primitive as it is -- because it seems to provide so much joy and emotional release at very little cost to human life (unless you fight that big black dude or Claire bites you).  Although the authors would recommend that anyone who chooses to attend SBB first seek some other way to release violent feelings, such as mini-golf or torturing animals, they agree that when no other solution presents itself SBB ROCKS!