Peter Clark

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Full Name:  Peetah "Da mad baby killa" Clark    

Homepage:  p.26    

Email: [email protected]   

Birthplace:  Jeffersonville, IN   (The unabashed armpit of the world)

Birthdate:  I didn't have one, girls don't really like me, and they sure as hell didn't way back then

Sex:  Male (I would have put "yes please", but I think that being male is funny enough

Height:  about 5'10'' after taxes

Weight:  If you get within five pounds, I will give you a free eraser

Special Moves or Tactics:  Writing threatening letters, Communist propaganda, and the ancient technique of Crouching in the fetal position Hidden dignity

Quote: "SHARE!!!!!!!!!!!"   

Injuries to Date: Only the guilt of seeing the people I fight crying on the ground for mercy.  

Fights:  Clark VS Lee Clark VS Hess Clark VS Will Davis Clark VS Kimble

Something about yourself: Well my turn on's include candlelight dinners, walking on the beach, the glorious vision of a utopian society in which money has no meaning and the needs of all are met by the community, and beating people's faces into and purplish blue pulp. My turn off's include regional dialects, sore losers (cause I beat everyone's ass), the taste in your mouth when you wake up and realize that the last thing you ate before you fell asleep happened to be a lot of cheese, and Capitalism.

Thoughts on SBB: To all who read this, I would seriously like to say that the majority of participants in Steve's Backyard  Boxing are wonderful friends of mine, and it should be said that they are an amazing bunch of wonderful people who inspire me to extraordinary extremes. To these individuals, I would like to say thank you for continuing to be an overwhelming source of motivation for my life and my life goals. I do not think I would as confident as I am without your all's help. I'm sorry if this is sentimental for a Boxing page, but it's my goddamn, space so there.

  Oh yeah, 2 things that you should never do:

     1.attempt to box me   

     2. eat cheese before you go to sleep.