Nate Mercer

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Full Name:  Nathan Andrew Mercer


Email:  [email protected]

Birthplace:  San Diego, CA

Birthdate:  December 17, 1982

Sex:  Male

Height:  6'2"

Weight:  175 lbs.

Special Moves or Tactics:  Punch in face, don't get punched in face, repeat

Quote:   Smash that face up

Injuries to Date:   -sore nose -headache

Fights:  Conn VS Mercer Gohmann VS Mercer Chris Johnson VS Mercer Nathan Johnson VS Mercer Cutright VS Mercer Roger Knight VS Mercer Steve Knight VS Mercer Jody Barnes VS Mercer Mercer VS Popp Fleener VS Mercer Chapman VS Mercer Conn VS Mercer: II

Something about yourself:  I am Nate dammit!!!!!

Thoughts on SBB:  It was great, a lot o' beer, a lot o' peeps, and a lot-o'-cursin'