Matt "matti two times/tubba-lubba-ding-dong" Sparks

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Full Name:  Matt Sparks

Homepage:  N/A

Email:  [email protected]

Birthplace:  Louisville, KY

Birthdate:  March 8, 1982

Sex:  Male

Height:  6'4"

Weight:  180 lbs.

Special Moves or Tactics:  Rolling fists, keep dancin' and stay pretty.

Quote:   "Boxing is 90% mental, the other half...hit hard, hit often."

Injuries to Date:   -Resprained Ankle -Swollen Knuckles -Smelly Hands

Fights: Matt Sparks VS Steve Sparks Matt Sparks VS Steve Sparks: II Floyd VS Matt Sparks

Something about yourself:  My name is tubba-lubba-ding-dong! and I have a Scooby-Doo pillow. the ladies tell me I have " deep, dark eyes/ a nice smile/ and a big svanson." I have a jungle surprise!

Thoughts on SBB: Its extraordinarily sexy to box in the summa-time in a dude's backyard. it helps me keep it real, son. one time I got I.S.S. cause Steve gave me some crazy jacks on the last day of school.