Jason Newton

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Full Name: Jason Charles Newton  (No Relation to Josh Newton)

Homepage:  https://www.geocities.com/calculatedx

Email:  [email protected] (text only)  &
[email protected] (text, html, .jpg etc)

Birthplace:  Washington D.C.

Birthdate:  May 28, 1978 (Gemini I, Born in the Week of Freedom)

Sex:  Overrated (Male)

Height:  5'10"

Weight:  170 to 180 lbs.

Special Moves or Tactics:  gettin' punched in my soft-ass gut

Quote:   "No, hold on.... can't breathe...can't talk.... okay, no, you didn't hit me in the nuts." (in response to Brooks question, "Did I hit you in the balls?"

Injuries to Date:   

Fights:  Mike Brooks VS Jason Newton                    

Something about yourself:  I'm a self-proclaimed, self-certified zombie hunter.  So if you have any zombie problems, let me know.

Thoughts on SBB:  I've gotten my ass kicked twice... it's time to break through.  SBB is the shit.  Fun for the whole family.