Emily Summerfield

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Full Name:  Emily Summerfield

Homepage:  https://emwee.blogspot.com/

Email:  [email protected]

Birthplace:   Louisville, KY

Birthdate:  June 30, 1983

Sex:  Female

Height:  5'3"

Weight:  115lbs.

Special Moves or Tactics:  Punch in face, get punched in face, punch in face, get punched in face..

Quote:   I wear wings when I fight sometimes as an intimidation factor

Injuries to Date:   

Fights:  Conn VS Summerfield Dufton VS Summerfield Dufton VS Summerfield: II Smith VS Summerfield Summerfield VS Elizabeth Wilson Summerfield VS Elizabeth Wilson: II Michelle Lossner VS Summerfield Moses VS Summerfield

Something about yourself:  I like cowbells

Thoughts on SBB:  Steve's Backyard Boxing was such a great experience. Whether you
were willing to fight or not, just being there was so fun. Fighting wasn't
about winning or losing, it was just about having a good time... And I miss