Corie Riley

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Full Name:  Corie Joseph Riley

Homepage:  N/A

Email:  [email protected]

Birthplace:  Louisville, KY (Raised in good ol' N'Albany, IN)

Birthdate:  February 7, 1980

Sex:  Male

Height:  5'11"

Weight:  145 lbs.

Special Moves or Tactics:  Making a mockery of Backyard Boxing, strategically sitting on the bench, using passivism as an excuse to pussy out of fights.

Quote:   "Quotes are useless.  You can quote me on that."

Injuries to Date:   -Shattered ego from being mercilessly beaten up by Brian Young at one of the old school, boxing-at-vinny's meets.

Fights:  Gohmann VS Riley Chapman VS Lee & Riley

Something about yourself:  Sadistic pacifist.  I love seeing my friends beat the shit out of each other, but it takes a helluva lot coaxing to get my ass out there.  I come for the sport; I stay for the beer.

Thoughts on SBB:  Remember that one time when that one guy hit that other guy
in that one place?  That was great.