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      If you've looked at the site over the past week, you've noticed that the site hasn't been. Hell, if you're looking at the page right now you'll see that most of the content isn't there. The reason for this is the same one I mentioned a while back: Purdue has killed my webspace for good now that I'm a graduate of Purdue. So what does this mean for the site? Well, right now it's going to stay as it is. I'd like to have the site back up but there's a couple of things that play into that.

First, is the fact that motivation for the SBB site is very little. Back when I started this site, everyone was pumped about the whole thing. Since then things have changed. Our posse of friends are as willing to just jump into the ring as they use to. Perhaps everyone was afraid of tiny injuries. I don't know. The last SBB event of 2004 wasn't a bad turnout, but things have definitely changed since then.

I too have taken on another set of priorities: I've moved out from Jeffersonville and I'm currently completing a video DVD of the Gohmann movie "Good Cop, Bad Cop, and a Rogue." My day right now gets occupied by that job and work on this DVD. Steve, the man himself, hasn't been the most motivated about SBB when I've talked to him about the whole thing. He has picked up some other pet projects and SBB seems to be pretty low on list of priorities.

Second, is a money issue for me. While webhosting for a small site like this is next to nothing, right now I'm probably not the most financially secure; I'm barely going to make rent this month and the job I'm currently employed at is not very inspiring to say the least. Regardless, I do remain hopefully for the future and I'm hoping to get some webspace in the future when my budget allows it. Next time I'm in town I'm going to try to get the video footage from Ted Gohmann for compressing. If I find someone to host those movies at Purdue or somewhere else, I'll post links to them.

Finally, for those who might be interested I still have DVD-ROMs of the SBB movies. The current 2000-2003 collection DVD-ROM has all the fights on it, plus some bonus movies, and the entire SBB website(the one that was up before Purdue yanked my spaced). You may email me about it if you're interested. Farewell fellow SBB fans and hopefully you'll hear again from soon with better news.

-Shawn Conn


      It's been a very long time since the last SBB event but I am happy to report that on June 6th, 2004 at 204 East High Street in Jeffersonville, IN the 4th SBB season will be kicked off. Hopefully it will have more than one event this year. Show up around 2 p.m. though I can't guarantee that the boxing will start by then. Make sure you get the word out and tell everyone. This might be the last year for SBB.

There aren't any other updates to mention. I probably should mention that a good portion of the movies might be dead link. Pretty much all of the Purdue accounts that stored the movies are getting deactivated by the end of the summer. I'll try to post new movies on here but don't expect them to be around for much longer. I'm looking into paying for hosting of the movies but since it would be out of my own pocket I am holding out until I'm more financial stable. And remember if want a DVD-ROM of the all the SBB movies I still have a number of copies of it. Just mail [email protected] if you're interested in the DVD.

-Shawn Conn


      After a much unexpected delay, I've finally gotten version 2.0 of the SBB: The Collection DVD-ROM completed. The updated version now contains not only all the movies, but this entire website on there as well. If you're interesting in getting a copy, you can contact me at [email protected]. I will keep you informed on any new events in SBB, but I don't expect any for at least a month.

-Shawn Conn


      After a 3 month hiatus. I've finally gotten the SBB site fully back online. I won't bother you with the technical details. I'll just lay out the facts for you. 1: A good portion of the movie links aren't working. 2: I've slimmed the website if you take a look around. 3: SBB only has about 8 months left online before we have to restructure again. 4: The next revision of the Steve's Backyard Boxing: The Collection (2000-2003) is going to contain this whole website(movies and all) on the DVD-ROM. It's going to be tough through the next restructuring phase, but hopefully some good will come from it. And hopefully there will be more boxing this summer. I'm going to work at getting all the movies back online but right now it's going to be a bit of a hassle. Anyway, I'll keep you informed of any further changes. Tah tah.

-Shawn Conn


      If you've tried to download some of the movies lately you've probably noticed that many of the links are down. Once again, I'm sorry about that. As I mentioned before the shelf life of SBB, as we know, is expiring pretty quickly. I hope to have the full SBB website back again by the end of this week( due to the fact that I'm at Purdue for one last semester).

      This should be around about half a year after this semester. After that, I don't know what. I've been talking about what to do with this site after I graduate for years but I really haven't made any decision on it. Personally, it's become much less of an issue now. I've found new projects, people, places, and other things to take up my time other than this website. I've hated to ignore the website as much as I have, but the fact of the matter is I can't give it much attention when we don't really box that much(even during the summer).

Pushing all this adise, I reiterate again: The entire SBB site will be booted back up by the end of the week. Will it have all the movies? I dunno. Alot of people I've gotten to host the webspace will be graduating. And others have started deleting some files off their webspace without telling me. The bottomline is if people are not going to care, I'm finding it hard to care myself. I'll do my best, but I'm not promising anything. I'm going to be busy to finish the last touches on website as I'm going to put it all on version 2 of the "Steve's Backyard Boxing: The Collection (2000-2003)." I'll throw ya another update once the site is back online. Peace.

-Shawn Conn