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      Sorry about the long time since no updates but classes among other things have been keeping me occupied. It's been a pretty busy and boring semester and thank god it's almost over. I've gotten a couple movies back up for downloading. I'm not done yet; I still got 39 movies( about 610MB worth) left to upload. I thought I would have found someone to host it but I really haven't been making that much of an effort. Sorry about that. When I get back from the break in January I'll make it a goal to have all the movies online by then. Until then keep up the good fight. Outie...

-Shawn Conn


      Like I said I was going to, I've redistributed most the movies back onto Purdue's servers. I wasn't able to get a hold of enough people to finish all of the movies but I did get enough of them. I'll try to finish the rest in the next few days. I've got around 800MB left to upload in movies and I've already had 2 people commit 500 MB to me and I should be able to find someone else to make up the rest. I'll send another update whenever that gets done. Tah...

-Shawn Conn


      Recently, we've had to have our movies pulled from Ernie B's server as it was interfering with his service to other customers. Luckily, we have enough space from people at Purdue to host the movies. As of late, it hasn't been my utmost concern as I have other things to do but I still haven't forgot about it. Before the week is over I'll try to get all the movies online and running again.

      Lately, I've been thinking about the future of this website. As you know, the updates are few as I've got more important things to focus on than the site. That and I think for most people, the major content of the website is the movies anyhow. Anyway, while I have the domain name for a good number of years, I don't have my Purdue webspace but for one more year. There's always other hosting options out there, but those do cost money. Money that I'm not exactly sure that I want to pay for. I'm considering maybe giving the control of the website to someone else or something like. I'm not sure as of yet. Anyway, I'll try to get those movies back up soon (probably by the end of the week). Until then, keep on rockin'...

-Shawn Conn


      Sorry it took so long but classes as well as a multitude of other things have been eating up my time. Plus there was a bit of time where I thought I might be able to get Ted to digitize the footage instead of me since he has a much better capture card. But all that delay is over now. Unfornately, we didn't get all of the movies of the fights that day which isn't really a surprise. We got the last 12 though and there are some really good ones in there. Check them out.

      I've also made the regular updates to things here and there on the site. I would like to say that I'm going to some more udpating in the future weeks but we'll see how that will pan out with my schedule. Also I should mention that the lastest batch of movies are encoded with the DiVX version 5 codec so if you're still using the old ones you should upgrade by going to the DiVX website. The codec is compatible with all the other previous codecs so there shouldn't be any trouble viewing the old movies as well. Finally, I should mention that the download problems that people keep mentioning to me shouldn't be a problem for these new movies because they are being hosted on Purdue's servers instead of Ernie_B's. I'll try to get to some more updates in the future, but who knows what the future brings. Til Next Time.

-Shawn Conn


      Well the summer's over and now I'm back at Purdue. Everyone else has either returned to school or something else. The man Steve himself has moved to Georgia for 10 months. Classes are in session and the memories of the summer have drawn to a close. One of the closing memories I'll have for a while of summer 2002 was the last Steve's Backyard Boxing event we had. The event went off quite well and was as big as any other previous events. There are at least 3 or 4 really good fights we got on tape too.

      As far as updates to the site, I added the new fighters, fights and events of that day. There was good number of stuff to update due to the high turnout of new people that day. At least half the crowd that showed up was new to Steve's Backyard Boxing. Unfortunately, I don't have the footage as of yet. Ted still has it and I'm trying to figure out the logistics of getting it to me. I'll try to get it online ASAP but will have to see how that goes. That's about all I got for now, I'll be back again for the addition of new movies soon.

-Shawn Conn


      Filed under the description, "Back by Popular Demand" or "Back because Steve is fucking sick of people asking when boxing is going to happen this year." Steve Knight, yes Steve Knight of backyard boxing fame, called a grand meeting with the backyard boxing elders and determined that boxing should happen this year. As such, the wheels of information kept grinding away. I'm back now come to release this info: Steve's Backyard Boxing will happen August 12th, 2002 at the same place around the same time. I don't think the time has been exactly set but you lazy fucks never show up on time anyway, do you?

      I expect no less than everyone who reads this to show up to backyard boxing come that date in August. It's a monday yes but it's probably going to be late enough in the day where it shouldn't interfere with anyone's schedule. You have more than 2 weeks to plan ahead. No bitching or whinning, either show up or fuck ya'll, all of ya'll. See you there.

-Shawn Conn


      Jesus guys, where are you coming from? In the last 2 days we've gotten over 1000 hits a day. And here I thought the jump from 50 to 100 hits a day was big. With all this traffic it might be a little tougher to download the movies. I've tried myself only to get a server busy message. Ernie_B only allows 3 simultaneous connections for downloading SBB movies so I dunno if we'll be able to keep up with demand if everyone that visits the site wants to see the fights. If some of you people are that interested in the fights I could possible burn CDRs of the movies for you if you're interested. If you are interested in a CDR just email me and I'll see what I can do. Keep in mind that this will probably only be possible if only a few ask. If I get swamped with emails, well I don't know what I'm goin to do.

      Oh yeah if you're interested in seeing more SBB events this year before the close of summer. Email Steve! I'm sure it would only take a few of guys to convince him to do it again. If just a fraction of you sent him an email that would probably be enough to fill his mailbox. I'm very sure that he would get the point then. Right now there isn't anything really holding us back from doing another event. There have been alot of things going on for us this summer but there's been alot of dead spots where we could have thrown another SBB event. We just didn't. I'm not going to say that there will be another one to happen. I'm just saying that there's no reason we shouldn't and enough people really want to see another SBB event I think that would be motivation enough to do it.

-Shawn Conn


      Well here it is, summer at last. And with the summer comes the hope of more boxing...or does it? I'm about as sure of a new boxing event as I was last month. If it does, it's definately going to only a few events. Like 2 or 3 at most during the summer. That way we'll have more time to tell everyone about it. So I know you're asking, "Hey Shawn what the hell is holding you guys back from doing more boxing?!" The answer is nothing really I guess. I haven't really kept in touch that well with most of the boxing crew really so I haven't really brought it up with them. Another thing I guess is Steve's working on getting his bus finished for road trips. For of those who didn't know, Steve Knight the main founder of SBB bought a school bus not too long ago and is modifying it for road trip capacities. Who knows maybe SBB will go on tour? Anyway, next time I see him I'll bring it up to him about that or just having a next boxing event soon. In fact, I ask everyone that reads this to email him and tell him some words of inspiration to get him motivated about another SBB event.

      In other news, Bizarre Magazine has recently posted a little blurb about us and our little site. The hits to the site have recently exploded, with a maximum of 300 something hits in one day(which is a new high for SBB). It came to a totally surprise to Steve, who not only owns a subscription to the magazine but reads the website, when he saw that his own little creation showed up on the site. Big thanks to Bizarre Magazine for the mention.

      Finally, there are the updates with the sites. If I hadn't mentioned it, I recently changed to Dreamweaver as my HTML editor of choice so I've had to remove alot of junk that Frontpage added to the HTML pages of the site. Without school in the way, I have alot of free time( which I should be using to obtain employment but that's another matter altogther...) so hopefully you'll see more stuff added. I've finally started to write the reviews for last seasons fights. I don't know how long it will take to get them all done but they will get done nonetheless. Aside from that, I've been trying to roundup all the pictures that have been missing for people. I should take the initiative to start emailing people so I can get more profiles but I don't really have a internet connection at home so trying to do that is a bit of a chore. We'll see how things go in the next couple of days.

-Shawn "If the Name Don't Rhyme It Ain't Mine" Conn


        After talking to a handful of people today about the SBB site, I figured it was time for another update. Not much really has changed regarding the status of SBB events.  I've talked to Steve and Craig a while back and I think the consensus is if we're going to have it this year we can't make it biweekly. Why? We hyped it to much. Back in 2000 when we first started there wasn't any expectations at all of what was going to happen. Some days were ok, some were boring, and some were just really great. Coming into 2001 with the website hitting a steady number of hits a day and a lot of people talking about SBB Steve, and pretty much all the rest of us had setup big expectations. We thought SBB was going to be huge that year. 


        If there's anything realized about expectations, it's that the bigger the setup the more likely you're bound to get disappointed. That's what happened during 2001. Not that it was bad or anything, the events and times that we did have that year were much fun. It's just that we were expecting something a lot bigger. 

        The 2 biggest hindrances to SBB was lack of stable place, and lack of people. During 2000, when all the events were at Steve's place people knew when it was going on and where at. They could expect that 2 weeks down the road, you could show up there and sure enough there would be boxing. That coupled with the fact that Steve's apartment was already a pretty popular place to hangout (In fact Ted made a short movie about this phenomenon  called Steve's Apartment which I wish I had to show you people). That insured that there would be a number of steady people that day. Without a stable place in 2001, the network of people was interrupted. The website was suppose to fill that need to for people to know where it was at, but often we didn't know where it would be at until the last minute. Thus a lack of steady people which brings me to my second point...

        The other biggest hindrance to SBB was the lack of people. When I say people, I guess I should say new people. Sure the regulars Steve, Aaron, Craig, Newt, Claire, Ted, Will, and I (there are probably more than that, but those are just the ones that come to mind) would always show up and fight at least one or two fights but it was the new people that showed up who had never been there before that made the boxing much more varied and exciting. Even when new people showed up, a lot of them just wanted to watch, drink beer, or whatever. I don't want to blame people for not wanting to fight (there shouldn't be any pressure to get people to fight), but a lot of people didn't realize that in order for SBB to be really good we need new people to fight. Steve and I (with everyone else I'd imagine) would try to tell many people about it and get them to come to SBB. Sure we got the perfunctory, "Yeah! It sounds great!" or whatever, but actions speak louder than words. Only a small fraction of those people talked to would actually show up and of those only a small fraction would actually box someone. Everyone wants to eat the damn cake, but no one wants to fucking bake it. That's what it came down to.

        That's my take on the whole issue anyway.   

        With that said, I'm hopeful that we'll have some good events this year. Maybe once every month or something. If it's that rare, we'll know that people will have enough time to know where it's at and all that.


      The other news I wanted to talk about is all the stuff pertaining to the site. I've updated a couple Bios, History, and stuff( I got rid of the web counter that never wanted to work anymore and just put the web tracker there). It's not really much but with all the time I'm spending on my compiler project and other classes I don't have much time to spend on the site. 

        Come to think about it, I should probably decide what I'm going to do with the site soon. I'm most likely going to graduate next year. If not by then, it will be after the 2 summer semesters. After graduation, my Purdue account will be no more which means I won't have a place to host the SBB site. Well I guess I'll think about that when the time comes. 

        That's about all I have for now. The next update probably won't be for a while, probably when I know of the next SBB event. Well until that time comes around, take easy and have a good one...

-Shawn Conn


        If you hadn't noticed, for a few weeks the movie links had been dead. It's been all my fault. A while back Ernie notified me of the server change, but being busy at the time with my compiler project I didn't get to updating the links so that they point to the new server.  Anyway, I've did a global substitution of all the links pointing to old server so that they now point to the server. I also did some minor updating to the FAQ, Bios, etc but nothing that big. 

        Like I said before, I don't expect many updates until at least summer when the possibility of a 3rd season of Steve's Backyard Boxing is a reality. I'll keep you informed of dates, places, times, events, or whatever when I know about it. Also if I ever get to writing some reviews I'll update you on that too. I know I keep saying that I'll write them. I really want to, but every friggin' time it seems like something is coming up that needs to be finished. Unfortunately, when I'll finally have some free time over spring break I won't have my computer with me to do some posting and updates so I don't ever see it getting done. Maybe, maybe some day it will happen...who knows. Well that's all I have, take it easy people...


-Shawn Conn


        Like it says, all the fights are now online for downloading. That's 94 fights from the last 2 season that are online. You can find them on the Big Ass Media Page with all the various clips, movies, etc or on the site they are directly host on here. This will probably be the last update for while. I might get to finally writing reviews for the 2001 season, but that depends on how much time I can find this semester. So in other words, don't count on it happening. 

        The next update from me you hear about will either be 1. News about boxing events to occur this summer, 2. Reviews that I've written that I've just posted,  3. A little from column 1 and a little from column 2, or 4. N/A. I guess you'll just have to wait and see what happens. Take It Easy, I'm outie...


-Shawn Conn


        I didn't want to take away any of the importance from this post so I'll keep this part brief. l's almost done with the movies( as of right now: 81/94 are online). The rest should be online pretty soon. Now to the important stuff:   






        I usually try to get this site in a light hearted atmosphere and not try to take it too seriously but this bit of news is quite important and thought it noteworthy to take some time from my updating to dedicate it to this.

         I found out not too long ago that SBB veteran Randy McComb who fought Benny Paine last year at the May 27th event had not too long ago passed away. Actually, I think I heard about it sometime around Thanksgiving but I really wasn't sure until Newt gave me the info a couple a days ago. From what I was told, Randy was in a motorcycle accident of some sort. He was in a coma for a while, getting worse and better from time to time. At some point, death got the best of him. I didn't really know the guy that well. I only talked to him once or twice that day at boxing. But regardless, he was a good fighter who will be missed by the SBB group. My consonances go out to the friends and family of Randy

        Newt suggested that I do something special for his Bio (a memorial of some sort) but since I didn't really know him that well so I don't really have an idea what to do. If you were a good friend of his, related to him, or just have a good idea about what I should do please email me about it. It's a pity someone from wall of fame has now passed on.


-Shawn Conn


        If you tried to download the movies, you've probably noticed that you're getting dead links. Sorry about that. I figured at the time I posted the news about the new files it would probably take the rest of the night at most to upload the movies to the server. Well, thanks to our ever slow and laggy ResNet (local Ethernet provider for the students on campus) my connection kept timing out for the past 2 nights. As a result, I think I'm going to have to mail a few CDRs to the Ernie (the very generous guy that has provided us 5GB of webspace) to get the movies online. That's how stupidly slow Purdue's network is: The US mail is faster than ResNet. Not to insult the fine US Post Office, but they are pretty slow, and considering that ResNet is slower than mailing physical data makes it all the more painful to try to upload those movies.  

        Since I don't have much else to say, I'll give you the low down of the movies. There are 13 new movies that were remaining fights that didn't initially post on May 27th, 2001. There were actually 2 cameras on that day, Ted's and Claire's. Claire's stopped taping around the 5th fights so a few those initially posted movies were incomplete. With the footage that Ted gave me, the collection is complete...sorta. Even though his tape all the way through, there quite a few failures with the camera. That is the sound just drops out in some the footage. This camera problem also caused Ted to lose one of his cinematic masterpieces but that's aside the point. Due to this failure, I canned about 4 or 5 fights. But its no big deal because I already had footage of them. 

         I kept most of the footage Ted got. Most of them have sound. The Exceptions: There are 2 without any sound ( I kept them because Claire didn't get them in her footage) and there is one with partial sound ( I kept it because it had the entire fight instead of 2 rounds of it). Download them if you wish, but they aren't the same without sound. I don't know, maybe I'll add commentary to the audio or something like that.  

        As of posting this, right now I think around a 1/3 to 1/2 of all the 2000 season movies are online and none of the 2001 movies are online. Hopefully by the end of the week it will all be up again. I'll give another post all with updated links when all the movies are back online again. 


-Shawn Conn


        For those of you who missed it, a new year happened and shit was still the same afterwards. Exciting. It's been four score and some odd years since a new post has came along and the reason has been really hasn't anything changed regarding SBB. It's still on hiatus and one only knows whether it will be back this summer. It's still along time away and anything could happen. I thought I would post one more "On Hiatus" message as I felt like it needed it for the new year. New year, new beer is my motto for 2002 . Actually it was Aaron's but I'm stealing because it described what I did at the beginning of New Year's Eve. Anyway, on the subject of "It's funny because its beer." jokes. Josh Newton made quite the hilarious parody sang to the opening theme of Fraggle Rock:

        "Drink your cares away, worrries for another day. Grab some booze and say: I don't give a fuck."

       Maybe it's me but I found it pretty funny( cuz it's true!) and its certainly more funny if you sing it out loud. Ahh, once again I find myself ranting on stupid bullshit instead noting what I've updated about the site( because it really hasn't been all that much.) For future ranting I'll try to keep to my blog.

        With that said, I think I'll stick to business. Once again SBB is not going on until summer, if at all. It depends on what happens by then. Who knows we might get hit by a meteor or something. I've tried to recompile all the movies so that I keep better track of them all. Also, I've fixed any broken links that might have been broken. Finally, I've posted the last of the movies from May 27th, 2001 that I just now got around to digitizing. In total there's about 11 new fights, I think (NOTE: This means the footage will be offline for a bit while I upload some new stuff and replace things).  Unfortunately, some of them don't have sound so you're just going to have to deal with it. We've more important things than the footage due to the problems with that camera, but that's another story for another time. With the new fights and stuff added, I might just be inspired to add some more stuff to the site. We'll have to see. Other additions? Steve knows how to clean. I'll promise more later. The best is yet to come (that means I'm planning something).

        I'll see you when I see you...hopefully with more cool stuff.


-Shawn Conn