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           Hey hey! Its seems like it's been forever since I've updated the website. The sad truth of the matter is that I've been very busy this semester at college(18 credit hours!). But that doesn't mean I've forgotten about the site. Like I told you before, I've been trying to get Ted to send me the last of the footage from last year. Ted himself has been pretty busy lately as he's been working on epic cop drama "Good Cop, Bad Cop" (and a Rogue) who's all-star cast includes Graham Gohmann, Ben Paine, Corie Riley, Emily Summerfield, Josh Newton, Peter Clark, Michelle Lossner, Sherri Lossner, Ted Gohmann, Vincent Damn, and Will Davis. From what I hear, the progress on the movie has slowed down a bit. Hopefully it will pick up pace soon. On that note, I've also added Veins on Johnson to the collection of movies on the media list. The crown jewel in the Gohmann collection is now available to you for downloading. Maybe in the distance future I will be able to provide you with more Gohmann classics, but for now this should do.

         But enough about that, I was finally able to get Ted to find the footage and just came in today so expect to see the last of the footage from 2001 to be on the site sometime tomorrow or later on Friday. I've also went through the site and update those facts, pictures, information that I found to be a little out of date. I would like to say with all the footage of this year's fights collected I can start writing some reviews but the reality is I'm quite busy with 6 classes and reviews take a while to write. It will get done sooner or later but like so many websites that offer free content I can only do so much with a budget who's only pay is the satisfaction of entertaining others who visit the site.

        That's about all I have to say for now. Take it Easy folks....

-Shawn Conn


           I thought I would at least update the website to tell you guys that the site isn't. I know updates have been quite scarce as of late but there really hasn't been anything new to update the site with. It's mostly been my fault as I haven't gotten the initiative to get things done as of late. Considering I had almost nothing to do this summer, I should have updated the site more but I was rather apathetic about things so it wasn't on my highest priority.

        Let me try to fill you in on what's been shaking for the site:

Movies: Teddy informs me that he has found the May 27th footage which means a lot more movies will be added as it was SBB's biggest day that year. Also, July 15th had about 7-8 fights recorded. I'll talk to Teddy about getting that on tape as well.  

Further Boxing Events: As you know, things were quite hampered when we had no location for quite a while. Once we did have a location again(204 East High Street) most people were pretty apathetic about it. We announced it to everyone about the event, but all people just didn't come( or want to box for that matter). I blame myself partly for not keeping the website up but most people never seemed to keep their word about showing up to SBB. Anyhow, the summer is now over and if there is another SBB event( Steve is still in Jeffersonville so he could still throw one) I probably won't know about it. 

Bios and Other Updates: I'm trying to keep everything up to date and new with the latest update but there's still a lot I'd like to do. Mainly, get more people to fill out their bios. It seems most are quite lazy and won't take the initiative to fill out a simple profile. I'll do my best to get people to fill them out (i.e. nag them) so hopefully I'll be able to get more information about everyone.

        Finally, I'm going to do some plugs for sites. First is "The Calendar." This is a little thing Steve posted up earlier this summer that kept others informed of various social events happening mostly in the Louisville area (as well as other places). I haven't checked lately and I don't know if people are using as much, but I'm posting it here for the hell of it. Lastly is www.aaronsayre.com  , Aaron's own website that he created and came online not too long ago. It's quite a nice site and since he posted a link to here I thought I would compliment the favor. Thanks to all those other crazy sites that have posted links to us to. I'll hope to get the movies up soon. Since Teddy will probably be here this Friday look for it sometime around then...


-Shawn Conn


    As you all have known, SBB has been in quite a rut for the past month. With out any stable place to box, no reemerging footage to excite people, talk about new places to box, and events not even happening, SBB is been on life support for quite a while. But it will be back. July 15th, a year and 6 days from the last huge boxing fest, will be taking place at 204 East High Street, Jeffersonville, IN without any excuses or complaints. Steve didn't throw the last event for the explicit purpose for preparing for this one. So consider this an open invite to attend the boxing festivities on the July 15th.

    The updates once again to the site have been some bios added here and there and just make sure everything works like it should. As for the boxing footage, I'm always in the search for it but it always seems to be missing I'll post a special update if Teddy finds it. 

-Shawn Conn


    Last night after 4th of July festivities, the counter busted the 10K mark. James Hess, the man who rolled over the counter to the 5th digit, was asked what he was going to do after he busted the 4 digit barrier and he exclaimed: "I'm going to Disneyworld" Other than that, there really hasn't been that much new developments for SBB. As is still the case, Steve is still the wandering nomad of Jeffersonville and doesn't have a set location to box. There are many potential locations, but one prime candidate was found yesterday at Josey's 4th of July cookout: his place. It has a backyard that's smaller than prior ones but it would be good enough for fights. Ted and I proposed the idea to Steve and Josey; they weren't too excited by the idea so it doesn't look like it will happen.

    Once again fight footage has not been found yet. I was told the other day that Eli probably recorded over the footage he recorded but Jimmy might still have a copy. Another pipe dream to follow, I guess. Teddy is still searching the archive as well. He also has Riverhouse footage and a long lost fight that I wanted to grab, but only time will tell if I ever get those in my hands. 

    For the hell of it, I thought I'd mention www.aaronsayre.com Aaron's self-titled website that's expected to be out this fall (maybe he'll stop bitching about that review finally with this plug). I'll keep you posted on any news.

-Shawn Conn


    Another disappointing boxing as came and went. With out a set location, SBB took place in the park again with attendance that was even smaller than the smallest. Though there was disappointment, it didn't prevent all from having a good time. There was those random kids that showed up again and boxing a couple of times, that was the extent of the fights. So for those who felt they had better things to do, you didn't miss much.

    As for news about the website, not much as been added. Updates here and there, a few more bios and that's about it. Teddy has informed me that he got the 16mm footage back from the first boxing day and it looks great. Hopefully I can get my hands on it soon as well as the rest of the footage from May 27th or the first boxing day. I've been working on get myself a job lately so I really haven't gotten to any of the reviews. I hope to get started on them by the end of the week. I was waiting for the other footage from May 27th to come in but it doesn't look like it will be coming in anytime soon. 

    Anyway, if no one else will, I will take up the task of scouting locations for the next backyard boxing location. I don't know if I'll find anyplace good but I do have some good locations in mind.

-Shawn Conn


    The movies that I had were uploaded last night and should be online by now. I was hoping to get to maybe writing a couple of reviews today but I have been quite lethargic today. I was pulled over last night on my way to a party and I got 2 tickets out of the ordeal. There's a story behind it, but I'm really not in the mood to go through the details. I'll just say that my parents are paying one of them because they thought it would be better to swap my tags with their old ones because they didn't want to get a problem fixed.

    Once again I hope to get the two other tape from the May 27th and 13th events as there are some damn good fights on them. Also, more footage as surfaced from the Gohmann archives. The long lost Gohmann VS Riley fight has shown it's head. I hope to get that online too sometime. The old footage is offline for some reason. I guess Ernie B had to take the server offline for some reason or another. I'll try to get a hold of him and ask him about it. 

    The last matter is of the most significance. We don't have a place for backyard boxing. Since the Riverhouse fiasco, Steve hasn't been able to use his parents' property and doesn't seem to warm to the idea of boxing in Fulton Park again because no one boxing when it was in the park. Also, I must regrettably inform you that my parents' properties in downtown Jeffersonville are unable to be used as they are all current occupied. So as of yet, there is no location. With Steve currently working to save money for an apartment, he currently doesn't have a place so it could be anywhere. Most likely, he'll find a place by tomorrow and start calling people up. The good news is that since I have an Internet connection now I can posted as soon as he informs me so people will be able to find it tomorrow. 

    Hopefully boxing will turn as good as the first two days have been, at least better than the last time. I'll try to get more bios up soon and get more movies online by the end of tomorrow and maybe some reviews by the end of the week. Take it Easy and hope to see you there, where ever it is.


-Shawn Conn


        The Date:    May 30th, 2001

        The Place:  417 East Riverside Drive (i.e. the Riverhouse)

        The Event:   One helluva party

    The new-and-improved Riverhouse hosted it first and probably last party of 2001. It was quite a fun night until Steve's dad found out about the shenanigans and called the police. The ever-present Ted Gohmann was there to record the events of that night and caught the drama between him and his dad on tape listen to it now in MP3 format. 

 Meanwhile, yours truly was walking on his way from the Riverhouse to Emily Summerfield's place so he had a place to crash for the night. Along the way though I found that I needed to piss so I walked beside a truck and began to piss with my back facing the street. When an officer who was following decided to bust me for some lame charges. Here's an ASCII diagram for those not familiar with the block.


                         |                     |

                         |                     |

                         |                     |

     House          |                     |      House

                         |                     |

                         |                     |

____________ |                     |______________

                                             BBBBB   TTTTTT

Back alley                  PPP    BBBBB   TTTTTT 

                                  PPP             >   Driveway

_____________        PPP      ______________      

________|+|__ |        PPP       |__|+|__________   < Floodwalls w/ door

Flood wall                               

& door                                  Back Alley to back of Riverhouse

_____________                     _____________

                         |                     |

                         |           V       |_____________

                         |           V       |

                         |           V       |

                                  To East Riverside Drive



>  Me w/ arrow being the direction I was facing

P  Police Car

B  Blue Pickup Truck

T  Another adjacent truck

    Here is the officer's report

    And with my commentary:

"Cpl. Ueding was dispatched to the 400 block of Riverside Dr. reference to a loud party. As Cpl. was approaching the 400 block of Riverside Drive he observed the suspect, Shawn R Conn, walk around the corner of the flood wall on the north side in the 200 block of Walnut St. Cpl. Ueding approached the suspect and the suspect was urinating on a blue pickup truck that was parked beside the flood wall."

 It should really be "as the suspect was..." instead of "and...." ,but grammar aside I WAS NOT pissing on the truck that I was for sure.

"Cpl. Ueding approached the suspect had his flashlight turned onto the suspect. Cpl. Ueding asked the suspect to stop what he was doing. At that time the suspect turned around, looked at Cpl. Ueding and stated, 'Wait until I'm finished'." 

It should be noted that I only turned my head, I didn't turn my whole body around and I remember he asked me what I was doing NOT stop what you were doing...

"Cpl. Ueding again advised the suspect to stop urinating on the vehicle and put his hands in top of the vehicle. The suspect again stated, 'I'm almost finished'."

I couldn't really state it again if I didn't say "I'm almost finished" in the first place. Furthermore, from what I remember my head was already being pressed again the hood of the car by the time I was saying "I'm almost finished."

"Cpl. Ueding then placed the suspect under arrest and hand cuffed him. The suspect was verbally abusive, asking what he had done wrong. The suspect was transported to the Clark County Jail where he was charged with Public Intoxication and Indecent Exposure."

I guess wanting to know why you were arrested must be "verbally abusive." I had to ask him 6 or so times before he even answered. But anyway I have yet to go to court, most likely it will be some bullshit fine. So I dedicate this heart-felt link to the Jeffersonville Police Department.

But besides all of this controversy, there have been two very exciting boxing events( and one that wasn't to be- see the history page for info) that had already passed. I've just added to the history page as well as I've been trying to add the new bios many of whom I have yet to get pictures for. I have most of the footage digitized and have added them to the site. I just need one tape from Teddy (has most the other footage from May 27th) and one from Eli (that has some of the beginning fights from May 13th)who I don't know really that well. Anyhow, I finally got a solid internet connection so expect much more updates.

The next boxing event has yet to be determined as it is no longer possible to have it at the Riverhouse or at Steve's parent's place. I might be able to pull a few strings and get it to take place at one my parents' rental places in downtown Jeffersonville. I'll keep you posted.


-Shawn Conn


          Though not a big as expected, the 2001 season got kicked off on Mother's Day yesterday. There was many fights to be had, much beer to drink, and much to be said. Steve had brought a keg to the festivities so the supply of beer was never to be low. From what I'd remember, a good sized crowd showed up. I'd say somewhere around 30-40, but it was probably more. People came and gone frequently which sucked because the supply of boxers waned a bit. There were a good number of newcomers (alot of female at that) but the majority of fighters were veterans.

        The footage won't probably be up until sometime next week. I've got to get a hold of Teddy (who not only used a standard camcorder, but 16mm footage as well), and Eli who was there video taping the fights. 

        As far as updates for the site goes, I've updated the links to the old footage so they point to their new location. Also, I've added some Bios and fixed some errors. The vast majority of updating with fights and new bios won't be complete until I get that new footage. I'll keep you posted on any more info that comes along. 


-Shawn Conn


        Yo yo yo. Alot of stuff has been going on since I've last posted an update. Last week was my birthday, 21 at that. As it is the tradition around college, I've been using it to drink. Updates are a few I've added some more Bios (thanks to Gohmann for getting those people to fill 'em out), added some FAQ questions, and did the same old stuff I did to the site. 

        The really big news is that the archive footage from the 2000 season will stay online. I told you last week that I had some correspondence from some people that could quite possible host the old movies and we found one such person. He's giving us a very generous 5GB of space that will be more than enough to host the old files. They aren't up as of yet, but when they are you will find them here. With that said, I'll still will be taken the files down of my web space as will Vaughn and Newton on the 2nd or 3rd as I said so there will be a bit of down time for the files.

        I've been kicking around a few ideas what to do with the old footage and I thought maybe of releasing commentary tracks on some the really good fights of the last season. The commentary would be by the two fighters and they would discuss the fights or whatever while looking at the footage of the fight. I dunno if I release alot of tracks, but its just a thought for now. I'll talk to a few fighters and if we got nothing better to do we'll record them when we're drinking some night or something like.

        Finally this will be the last update before boxing starts next Sunday at the Riverhouse. After I get the footage and whatnot, I'll post an news break on the events of the day. I'd like to say I'll post it that  Sunday, but I don't know how feasible that is. I'm debating whether or on to get a broadband connection when I get back in Jeff (or use someone else's). The only service provider in the area as far as I know of is @home which charges an insane $150 installation fee(+$50/month making the total $300 for the summer) every time you want their service. I've already subscribed to them last summer and I don't see why I should have to pay another $150, but whatever. It really depends on the pay of the job I get this summer. Last year I was make $10/hour with the Census Bureau here in Jeffersonville so the fee wasn't so much of a deal to me. I don't know if I'll be making that much this year so it all depends on that I guess. Anyway, enough ranting for now. 

I'm sure that most of you are excited to see the next season start as much as I am. If you're in Jeffersonville on Sunday the event will be starting around 2p.m. so come and check it out. Steve was suppose to do his "State of the Yard" address to inform everyone of where SBB was going and when it would be kicked off, but as it stands he has yet to get back to me on it. So no state of the address. Oh well, look SBB to be kicked off at that date at the Riverhouse, hope to see you there!


-Shawn Conn


        Hello again people, the updates I know have been slow but I wasn't even expecting this much updating as I've done through out these slow months. I was down in Jeffersonville for the weekend to celebrate Thunder Over Louisville at the Riverhouse, the location of this season of Steve's Backyard Boxing. It's seen better times, but hopefully it will be back in shape for Backyard Boxing come May 6th. Which reminds to say that this is a tentative date as I have yet to get confirmation from Steve. When were at the Riverhouse, there was prodding by James and I to get him to do the "State of the Yard" Address before the date comes up, he said he would but has yet to produce results. Basically I just want him to lay out his plans for Steve's Backyard Boxing before it gets kicked off as kind of a road map where we're going. So hopefully before then he will have written it out for me to post it on the site. 

As far as site updates go, not really anything big as been added. Some corrections made, some bios added, some features tweaked, blah, blah. Life goes on. If anything news worthy is going on I guess we might keep the old footage online. I've gotten a couple of emails from people saying that they might be able to host some of the old footage. I've replied back to them all and haven't gotten a reply yet, but if I do you'll know if we keep the footage online. Until then the deadline for getting the footage still stands at May 3rd, 12:00am. After that the footage will be yanked for upcoming footage the Sunday afterward. I'm going to be busy playing Tekken Tag Tournament on my new PS2, celebrating my 21st birthday (tomorrow), and getting read for finals, so unless something big happens don't expect another update until the 6th when boxing starts.  


-Shawn Conn


        Some time around Wednesday April 11 the counter busted the 5000 mark. Woo hoo, huzzah, rejoice, and all of that fun stuff. It's estimated the site gets 75-80 hits a day so I guess it won't be that long before it goes way past that. Update wise things have been pretty slow. Steve has yet to produce his "State of the Yard" address, I'll keep asking him about it. I recently added a website tracker at the bottom of this page, it provides all kinds of info about you wonderful people visiting the site. Any one is allowed to look at the info so if you feel like checking it out, go for it. You'll also find down there a search bar where you can search the site. I've added both www.stevesbackyardboxing.org and icdweb.cc.purdue.edu (the host server for this site) due to the fact the way the hosting is setup none the pages are indexed when you choose www.stevesbackyardboxing.org. So for now just click icdweb.cc.purdue.edu for searching the SBB site (unfortunately you'll get a bunch of hits from other random people's pages too). I'll get that fixed soon. I've been thinking about moving all the HTML files on the stevesbackyardboxing.org server and just leaving the graphics on this server. Who knows, only the future will tell.

I've also added the final review: Damn VS Paine. Check it out if you have nothing better to do. I've added some more stats to the Bio page and some other tweaks once again. All of the other updates aren't really worth mentioning so this where I'll make my exit. Let me remind you that all the fight footage from the first season will be taken offline by May 3rd (only 2 weeks and a couple of days left) to make room for new footage this summer. So if you want to check out the fights download them while you can. Until next time...


-Shawn Conn


        As promised, I've got news today! One year ago to the day, Steve hosted the first backyard boxing event in his backyard. He probably had no idea that it would become this big, but it has. There's been much talk around Jeffersonville about Steve's Backyard Boxing (people we don't even know). It's going to be interesting to see what happens this summer. Unfortunately, Steve was not able to get to the deadline for the "State of the Yard" address. There was a bit of confusion between me and him what was wanted and when we finally go things settled there was still confusion. Anyhow, Steve has plans for this summer but he said he wasn't a good speech writer so he asked James to do it. So I ask Steve Sunday night if he has the address and he says "James has it wrote it yet." So then I ask James and he says, "I decided not to, I don't even know what Steve's plans are." So I was left with nothing. If Steve does come up with something, I'll post it but I don't know if he has all his ideas in one nice package. He's been pouting about not getting email from random people so if you still want him to do the address, email him and tell him to set a date, layout plans, and that sorta thing to motivate him or something.  


        As for updates, I've added some other stuff, bios, tweaks, corrections, and that sort of thing. Not much else than that. I've been trying to get a hold of those people who have yet to fill out their bios for the website. If you know any of these people, I ask you to tell them that I need the information for the website and would appreciate it if they provided the info. But other than that, I have nothing else to say. For now, my work is done....


-Shawn Conn


        Standard fixes there have been added to the website, no biggie there. Also I finished posting all the reviews for the Father's Day fights with the exception of the Damn VS Paine (I'm looking for something that will spark my creative abilities to do a great one). I'll be going home for the weekend to participate in many fun activities ( Jeff High talent show, parties, Denny's, etc.). I've finally talked to Steve about the "State of the Yard" address and it's a go. The news post for Monday, the anniversary of Steve's Backyard Boxing, will be done by none other than Steve himself. He's going to do what he wants for the post, but I asked him to basically outline where SBB will be going this summer, set a date, that sort of thing. 

        In other news, reports from the Gohmann studios have Chad unwilling and uncooperative about Gohmann's "Get the Fuck Outta My Way" video despite it being Chad's theme song. Sources say that the frustrated Gohmann, eager to reestablish his name in film after the Take It Easy 2: Have a Good One disaster, is looking to recast the part of Chad. Rumors that are circulating that  he is consider Bruce Willis, Sean Connery, or Shawn Conn. While no of their respective agents could be reached Mr. Conn was quoted as saying, "Get the Fuck Outta My Way!!!" leading to believe that he'll do it. 

        Finally, after much consideration and review I've decided what to do for the movies this summer at SBB. It will be virtually impossible( unless Purdue wants to be super generous or we find a bunch of people willing to handover disk space) to get every movie online. Plus, given the possibility that there will be more SBB movies than expected we must to do something to make room. My decision is that as of May 3rd, 2001 I will take down all the movies with the exception of the Greatest Hits( It captures the essence of SBB as it recaps the 1st season). I will ask Newton and Vaughn to take down the movies on this date as will I, so grab em while you can!

        During the summer expect the new movies to be posted after every event, but depending how many they won't be on for the whole summer (unless we find more space). I'll try to keep up with reviews, but I'll be busy with work as well as many other events so if I fall through on that promise don't chew me out. As far as the old movies, I might run a server off a broadband connection so that some people can get them but with an upload cap of 15KB/s that might not go to well. So if that doesn't work I'll burn a CD with such movies if anyone desires so long as they compensate me for the cost of the CD and shipping and handling. When the summer is over I might keep the "best of" fights and whatnot. I haven't look that far into the future. Anyway in the end,  things will work one way or another for all of us. And that's the bottom line because Shawn Conn said so....

-Shawn Conn


        I've added a review of the good Chris Johnson VS Young fight, I was hoping to get more reviews done but once again homework tied me up last night as well as those wacky rioters at Purdue who seem to be ubiquitous at every college campus when the team loses( but like Aaron said they probably would have been twice as bad if we had won). Anyway I was looking for a April 1st post but, I forgot totally about it. If you haven't heard about Steve's fight with Hitler, go check it out.  I've done some tweaking to the site as well, nothing too big. The big news is what's going to happen next week. I didn't realize until today that next week will be the one year anniversary of Steve's Backyard Boxing. That's right April 9, 2000 Steve kicked off Backyard Boxing in his yard. In fact I still have the old email that he send to everybody after the results of that Sunday:

From: Steve Knight

Date:  Tuesday, April 18, 2000 2:40 AM

To: ...

Subject:   we'll have fun, fun, fun till Vinny takes the gloves away

Hello, all of you beautiful, beautiful, people.  I've been out of the email loop for a while, but it's 2:00 AM, I'm taking a break from other more boring things, and I just realized I have some stuff to say that might possibly interest someone or other.

Easter Sunday, 4:30, my backyard.Fun and festivities for Christians and blasphemous non-believers alike!! (Please no drug-users, witches, or homosexuals) No excuses this time, people.  I know good and well your family dinner starts at 2:00. Boxing, easter egg hunt, circle jerks, beer, jellybeans, etc.

And the awards from last week's matches have been handed to me by our panel of judges, and the winners are:

The One-Bad-Ass-Muthaucka Award - John Ford, because he's one bad ass
muthafucka, muthafucka.

The Trooper Award - Lenny Popp, for his 4 fights, one of which was against
John Ford.

The Not-So-Much-of-a-Trooper-but-at-Least-She-Tried Award - Emily
Summerfield, for the Claire incident.

The Bloody-Mess Award - David, who fought while wearing braces.

The Shut-The-Fuck-Up Award - Chad Boaz, for talking a lot of shit, getting
beat into submission by Brian, and then making excuses for the next 3 hours.

The Not-Coming-Back Award - that asshole in the red tank top.

For anyone who hasn't heard, I've been accepted to Wabash College, and I have accepted their acceptance. I am awaiting their acceptance of my acceptance, which I will most likely accept.

Wanted Ads:
If anybody has an old, obsolete, computer monitor lying around that they would be willing to part with, if need be for a price, PLEASE let me know about it.

Coming Soon:

                       JAMES HESS

                    NORMA KRAJNJRACKY


                     TAKE IT EASY 2:

                     HAVE A GOOD ONE

                     or, how I learned to stop
                     worrying and love the mad
                     scientist trying to turn
                     me into a gay vampire clone.

                        a film by tEd Wood

god bless jellybeans
good night

        I've talked to Steve about doing a news post for the site and he has yet to reply to me. As well I hope to get him to do the "State of the Yard" address so he can map out where SBB is going next season. You know, to quell the rumors and guide the masses that sort of thing. Anyhow, if I don't post another update before then expect one next week.


-Shawn Conn


        Not much to lately. I've added another review and I hope the other four soon. This next week is going to be hella busy so an update probably won't come until next weekend. Maybe another before Monday, if I get bored and I want to pass the time. I've reduced the sizes of the clips by throwing out some extra data in them that wasn't needed so that might help a little for 56K users (not by that much about 100-200K on average). If you haven't noticed, I've been playing around with JavaScript on the site to added more kick to the site I guess. I also added links to the Top 10 injury list so that you can see which fight caused the injury and I've added to the FAQ a little. Until next time...


-Shawn Conn


        I've added three more reviews. Yeah I know I'm a lazy bastard and should of gotten more up by now but I have a 10-15 page research paper, a CS project, and 2 exams coming up very soon and I have to set my priorities. Most of the fights were ho hum so far on the Father's Day fights but if you do see any check out the Sayre VS Triplett fight (the Damn VS Paine is the one I look forward next to writing about). They are two great fighters indeed. Moving on to other matters, I still haven't found a storage solution for next summer's footage as of yet. I don't like the idea of it, but I'll probably have to take the older ones down if SBB turns to be a big thing. I'm not sure as of yet, but something will be done. The best idea so far is put the popular fights on the fast Purdue servers and then put the less popular ones on a server on a broadband connection( which wouldn't be as fast but would get the job done). Right now the capacity for SBB to hold data is reaching about 90% filled so perhaps its best that Gohmann has reported no more footage has been found yet in the search at the Gohmann archives. 

Finally, I am saddened to report on an event that will most likely hamper the further refinement of Gohmann's Robot Revenge and Peter and Xander's Robot Revenge with a Vengeance. It seems one night at Denny's in Clarksville, IN( the place to find most the SBB crew at) Peter, Teddy, Norma, and others had caused an incident that caused them to be permanently banned from Denny's. I won't wash you in a sea of details but I'll just say the managers had it out for them. Denny's was the reason Robot Revenge was created( boredom during my Spring Break '01 spent at Denny's nonetheless) and it very well was it downfall. Apparently the Denny's managers have the Draconian policy of no card playing at the establishment and were looking to find a way to purge the in flux of the SBB crowd. So after numerous incidents of playing, management came in hard and fast and destroyed the unification of the group by banning Teddy, Peter, Norma, as well as many others. The implications set far and wide, the fracture this will cause in the SBB group hanging at Denny's for chat will serve to slow social relations. Yours truly suggests moving the group's favorite dinner chat place to somewhere with managers that appreciate the cash we generate. Others have suggested other methods...When asked for comment, Theodore Gohmann said "It is time for Revenge..." in a strangely robotic voice. When asked to elaborate on the statement, he replied with a simple "I'll be back." If you want to voice your opinions at management you can reach them at (812) 288-5189. Tell them that people should be able to play cards, drink coffee, have fun, and not be banned. They'll appreciate your opinion.  

-Shawn Conn


        The registrar transfer request finally came though last night. So after much talk and hype, I'm finally able to provide those people affiliated with Steve's Backyard Boxing their own email addresses. If you're such a person just email me and I'll give you the low down on the addresses. Also, by the time it takes to update servers around the world, the domain name www.stevesbackyardboxing.org will no longer forward to my Purdue address. It will stay www.stevesbackyardboxing.org . Any who, I've got to get back to my English assignment. I'll probably have 2 or 3 reviews done by the end of the weekend, I should have free time to kill by then. Till later...  

-Shawn Conn


        Not really anything worth mentioning all that much, but I noticed that Purdue has killed Xander Brandenburg's account. He hadn't been going to school this semester so he in wasn't technically in Purdue. I've now had to shift all those movies onto my account which means I've reached about maximum capacity for storing movies and such. Not a good for plans about storing footage of next season's footage. I'm sure I'll figure something out though.

-Shawn Conn


        Not much to say update wise. There have been many more theme songs added if you hadn't noticed. A weather and countdown clock for the next boxing day (I'm using May 6th  2 p.m. as tentative date for the beginning of Steve's Backyard Boxing) have been added to the news page. Also some minor updates to the FAQ, Intro page has been done, as well as the addition of some more reviews (I plan to get more out by the end of the week). The big news is what happened to me over the spring break. Mason Roberts provided me $40 like expected, but I received quite an unexpected sum from an anonymous donator, $200. My big thanks to him. And if that wasn't a enough Ernie_B in Seattle send us 2 pairs of almost-new boxing gloves. Thanks to these people, I now have enough money to switch the registrar and extend the lease on the URL to 5 years. Once again, big thanks to all you guys. The registrar change should take place in a couple of days (I've already made the order) and I hope to get started on the email addresses soon. Finally, I've talked to Mr. Gohmann about searching the Gohmann archives about any new footage. Alas, none as been found yet and probably won't be for a while as he is currently busy in negotiations with Chad to do the "Get the Fuck Outta My Way" video (that may very well star yours truly).

-Shawn Conn


        Well I thought this would be the last update before Spring but I guess I have more time on my hands than I though I would have. Anyway, I finished the first FAQ question, there was more detail to the story that I missed that James brought to my attention. Also I added a mailing list to SBB be courtesy of groups.yahoo.com So I guess when if you want to be informed of updates or events, subscribe to the list. I'll start posting to the mailing list every time I update the site and when there is some news in the world of SBB to be talked about. I'll try to get some more reviews in soon.

-Shawn Conn


        I've finally gotten a little free time to write up some reviews. It's been awhile, I've had this paper I've been working on and this CS project. Will wants to write a few reviews so hopefully they'll all get done soon. In other news, The Baby in the Monkey Suit Mystery has been solved! Go to the FAQ to check it out, there have been other updates to the FAQ and Intro as well. Past that, I've also tweaked the Navigation bar and organized the stats in the Bio section as well. 

This will probably be the last update for a for awhile. Spring break is coming fast and I'll be busy during then. The next update will have the rest of the (or most of) of the reviews and that will probably be it. I've began planning what needs to do be done during the summer. When SBB kicks back up sometime in early May it's going to be hard to keep up with all the new footage, fighters, reviews, etc. Maybe I'll get some people to help me, who knows? 

One thing I haven't thought about is storage for the movies, right now we're getting close to our upper capacity for movies. My current idea is to leave the really good, popular fights on Purdue's fast web space while I'll run an FTP server from a broadband connection to host the lesser popular fights. The upload speed on the connection is most likely to be capped but I'm not too concerned, if they aren't all that popular they won't be asked for much. All of this is speculation though, I won't be sure of anything until it actually happens. It will be interesting to see what happens next season though. It's most likely going to be bigger given all the hype it's had, but I don't expect to see anything of a grand magnitude. 

Finally, by this summer or hopefully sooner I hope to get the SBB registrar( The company you go to get your domain registered in DNS) changed. Currently it's Network Solutions, but so far that have far from provided me any solutions for keeping the URL to "https://www.stevesbackyardboxing.org" in the browser or updating the Mail records so that I can provide every boxer an @stevesbackyardboxing.org email address. It's going to cost me $85 to do ($70 registrar transfer fee from Network Solutions + $15 sign up fee for another registrar). Mason Roberts has generously offered $40 bucks so I guess all I need is $35( which shouldn't be to hard to come up with. ) And before I end I would like to make sure if anyone reads this do not go to Networks Solutions for your domain name needs. They have not been helpful in the least and I won't do business with them again.  

-Shawn Conn


        By the time you read this, if you've typed "www.stevesbackyardboxing.org" this page should pop up instead of the title page. After playing around with the site, I figure that I would gut the title page as it just another thing to click through. The only reason I kept it was I needed a way to toggle between a slow and fast loading page. I solved this problem by making the links on the navagation bar smaller and adding two toggle links at the bottom( labeled "56K" and "Faster"), I also added a link to the Notice page on the navagation bar labeled "Movie Help" for those who don't know what the hell DiVX is. Finally, I needed to apologize about the crappy quality that turned when creating the Steve Knight VS Mercer fight. The converter tape used, seems to mess up the tape reel which cause it to keep blanking out during playback. It got progressively worse each time so I just made a copy from playback as it was and then digitized that. I left it as because the second round was still watchable. I guess its the best we can do. Anyway, I still have much work to do so the reviews will be put off for a week or so. When I have so time to kill I'll start writing them up. By the time I post my next update, the counter will have already hit 2000. Woo Hoo!


-Shawn Conn


        After much toiling through the night, I finally got the new footage online with many updates to the site as well. There were 12 fights totally and ones that are really worth checking out are Chapman VS Popp, Damn VS Paine, Sayre VS Colin Triplett, and Chris Johnson VS Young. As for the reviews, I still haven't gotten a chance to write them and it will be probably a week or two before they are up. I'm slightly depressed right now and I have a lot of writing due in English.  I'll try not to make it too long before I start adding the reviews, but I don't know how much writing I can stand. I'll try to pace myself. Until then, enjoy the footage.


-Shawn Conn


        Heya folks. Good News: I have the long lost Father's Day footage and it better than I expected. There are 11 something fights and about 3 or 4 really good ones. Bad News: One of them is fucked up due to converter tape used, other than that thing are fine. Unfortunately, it probably will be some time by the end of the week before I'll be able to get the footage online with their respective reviews. You see, Wednesday night I found out about a family member's murder. She was shot at work in a bank robbery; the news had been all over it back in Louisville. So I got home much earlier than I expected to be which meant I missed a lot more classes than I wanted to miss. It wasn't until Monday night that I got back to Purdue( and I'm damn tired with being up for almost 24 hours) My week is going to be spent making up what I missed so it probably won't be until Saturday morning or Sunday that I'll have a chance to work on digitizing, clipping, writing, and uploading. So until then fine some other website to kill time with. I'll hope to not take too long to get the footage up. Oh, also rumors are circulating that there my be 2 more boxing tapes (One is Father's Day footage shot from a different angle) that are probably buried in the Gohmann Archives which means more fights for the site. I'll keep up posted on the status if any other news comes up. 


-Shawn Conn


        So it's like 6 in the morning, the beginning of a new day - Valentine's day. What a lame holiday. So what a better way to spend Valentine's Day than by Punching someone. If that's not an option, you can always watch someone punch someone else. Which brings me to my real topic: Getting the movies to run on your computer. There have many questions about this so I have tried to clear it up for those non-technical folk (it's easy to forget how complicated computers can be when you are a CS major). Anyway I've updated the FAQ question and gave a more detailed explanation on the Files page. I hope this helps those who have problems with the movies. 


-Shawn Conn


        So I checked my mail over the weekend and I find in my mailbox a ton of questions. Many of them asking the same thing. Make sure that you check the FAQ before sending a question my way. It will save both of you and me much time. If you're curious what the top three questions I got over the weekend were, they were: How do I get the movies to run?, Can I join Steve's Backyard Boxing?, and where is SBB located at?. If check the FAQ and you feel you still haven't got your question answered feel free to contact me. Other than this news the only updates are a few minor Bios for a couple of people, some editing to the FAQ, and other miniscule things that aren't really worth mentioning. But enough chatter for now, I'll send another update once I have something important to write.


-Shawn Conn


        My procrastination for my English paper and my recent Java coding for a CS project has inspired me to update the site some. I'm been playing around with some JavaScript and seeing how various things work. I've managed to kill a browser incompatibility problem too; Netscape now plays the theme songs for each fighter. Hopefully after some more learning of JavaScript and can get rid of the incompatibility problems too. The SBB FAQ is now updated with links for quick browsing, I never saw the point in doing so but some people like it. Also, I hope to get the Father's Day footage in by next weekend. I'm heading down to Jeff for the weekend so I'll be able to meet up with Miss Dufton to get the tape for digitization. I also like to thank those people who have been sending me email, ICQ and AIM messages, about the site. I know it's not anything grand but I'd like to think the three months I put into the site wasn't for nothing. If I get any other sparks of inspiration, you'll probably see another update soon. If not, come back next weekend for the Father's day footage. I haven't seen it yet but Claire says both the Damn VS Paine and Sayre VS Triplett fights are great. Finally, many have nagged me about SBB not having a guestbook. I never saw the appeal in such a things, but hey I guess its nice to have bells and whistles on a site. I was hoping to do a guestbook without help of another site, but for some reason the web servers at Purdue don't want to run my Perl scripts (though they claim they support it). Anyway you can find the guestbook here (in either a Java Applet window or HTML if you perfer) courtesy of the same people who brought you SBB's counter.


-Shawn Conn


        As far as webpages go, 1000 is pretty small number but its a big step for the website. Thanks to being featured on DivX Digest and being added to the Lycos and Dogpile database, the site is getting usually a steady number of hits per day. I've been wanting to update the site with more features, but the Purdue web servers don't want to cooperate with the scripts I've been trying to set up for the site. If I get some free time, I'll try to see if I can get scripting to work on my web space. If I can, I'll start to be able to add more content beyond the static pages you see now. In other news, it has been confirmed that the Father's Day footage exists. Claire Dufton has confirmed it and I should get a tape soon. Look for it within 2 weeks. I should definitely have by then and it shouldn't too long after that to get the files digitized and posted to the site.


-Shawn Conn


        Greetings again backyard boxing fans. It's been about a week since the last update. Nothing's changed on the status of the Father's Day footage - still MIA. Being busy with classes up at Purdue prevents me from handling it directly. I've gotten one bad hangover and I thought that I should get on working on something for the site. I've update the bios and I'm actively working again to get all the people to put down the info for their sections. I'm still working on that email thing, I need to contact Network Solutions (SBB's registar) so that I can update the DNS info. I'm probably going to change from Network Solutions this summer when I have the money because they still aren't responding to me when I ask them is I can mask the web site address with just https://www.stevesbackyardboxing.org Finally, it seems that all my hard work promoting the site has paid off. I got my first random message from a man named Steve in Chicago who just happens to do some occasional backyard boxing himself. Emily Summerfield as well as received random messages about her fights. The future looks bright for SBB. So keep up the training for next season and have fun( I hear Will Davis is working on going to Super Saiyan Level 4 by the time next season starts) 


-Shawn Conn


        By the time you read this the domain name should be updated so that it points to the new web space for Steve's Backyard Boxing. I've used my web space at Purdue so that there's no longer any ads at the site. I know it's been a while since I've updated the site. I've been trying to get the Father's Day footage as well as get more bios updated. I just recently got internet access on my PC so I'll be able to update the site more, but don't expect to see any big updates until the new season starts sometime in May. Until then, I'll try to update what I can. Adding what needs to be added, updating what needs to be updated, and so on. Finally, I'm looking into a service that will allow me to provide everyone who wants it an @stevesbackyardboxing.org email address. I'll will post it on the site if/when I get the service started. 


-Shawn Conn