Unfortunately, no one could be told what Steve's Backyard Boxing is, it's something you have to experience for yourself. But for those of you who don't know what Steve's Backyard Boxing it's an event that occurs every other Sunday afternoon. The idea is to enjoy watching people hitting one another. The fights are not serious. There are no grudges , no anger, nor bitterness (well most the time). Steve's Backyard Boxing is just for a good time( and not in that sexual suggestive manner). As you can tell from the fights, most of us are amateurs. We're hardly professionals at this. There are some injuries (bloody noses, bite marks, total knockouts, chipped teeth, etc...) that you can expect from people hitting one another but generally it's like a glorified pillow fight. It's generally up to the people fighting to determine the seriousness of the fight. Some fight to the bitter end, some just act goofy. It's all in good fun. 

The Greatest Hits

If this is your first time to Steve's Backyard Boxing and you have some time to download a 53.3MB size file. I suggest you learn about Steve's Backyard Boxing through this video. It's a simple story imbedded within a music video. It is all you will need to know about Steve's Backyard Boxing. 

The Creator

Not much is known about it's founder,  Steve Knight. People say he has facial reconstructive surgery every 3 years. What is known, Steve's Backyard Boxing was born 3 WEEKS before the movie Fight Club came out in theaters. So despite the number of allusions to the movie( and/or book), Steve's Backyard Boxing is not Fight Club. It may have partially inspired Steve to get this thing off the ground, but to repeat again...this is not Fight Club

With that said, the first rule is NOT: You don't talk about Backyard Boxing (as this you can tell by this website)

And the last rule is NOT: If this is your first time, you have to fight (Steve says this would drag down attendance)

The rules are here.

The actually story of how it got started is surrounded in haze but here's what has been gather from the accounts of a few people. A long long time ago in summer 99' Peter Clark wanted to box and asked Steve about it. At some point in time I guess they approached Vinny (or he approached them) and gave them The Gloves needed to fight. The place they ended fighting was at Vinny's. There was quite a few sessions from what I hear. They were the prototypes for Steve's Backyard Boxing I guess you could say. Steve thought this would be a good idea to do this every so often and so the beginning of Steve's Backyard Boxing was started, but like most of Steve's projects it didn't necessarily get off the ground at first. It wasn't until Fight Club that he decided that this was got to be done and so on April 9th, 2000 Steve invited as many people as he could to his backyard to fight.

How Can You Tell who has Fought the Good Fight?

Anyone around you could potentially be a former veteran of Steve's Backyard Boxing. Unlike Fight Club (see rant above), Steve's Backyard Boxing exists all the times of the day, not just when it starts and when it ends. With that said, all veterans of Steve's Backyard Boxing are allowed to take home one souvenir of their fight( asides from bruises, cuts, and the occasional booty looted from an abandoned vehicle): A T-shirt. Every person who has fought in backyard boxing is entitled to a custom made (with stencils and spray paint) T-Shirt by the man, Steve Knight, himself (but they provide the T-Shirt). Here's a picture of such a shirt:

I am Jack's Dirty Shirt I am Jack's Dirty Shirt

   Front Side                                             Back Side     

 (Yes, this is my shirt taped to my room's wall)

Top 10 Greatest Injuries that Have Occurred


Top 10 greatest minor Injuries that Have Occurred

Sexy Round Girls( and um guys...)

Here are the lovely and cute personalities that you've gotten to know better as they walk around the ring.

Honorable mentions to the people who made the Steve's Backyard Boxing website a reality:

The Steve's Backyard Boxing FAQ

Q1:  Who is this kid?

Q2:  Why doesn't any of the movies work on the site?

Q3:  How long do fights last?

Q4:  What backyard does Steve's Backyard Boxing takes place in?

Q5:  What is the Riverhouse?

Q6:  Don't people think you're crazy for doing this?

Q7:  What the hell is he digging?

Q8:  Why the hell does it say "Fuck" or something else on the footage?

Q9:  Who handles the recording of the movies, digitizing, and such?

Q10:  So is there Inter-Gender Boxing in Steve's Backyard Boxing?

Q11:  Why is Steve so cheap not buying T-Shirts for the fighters?

Q12:  Why are the boxing days ever other week?

Q13:  Has anyone been banned from Steve's Backyard Boxing?

Q14:  What has been Steve's Backyard Boxing biggest moment of fame?

Q15:  Have you ever thought of charging for admission at Steve's Backyard Boxing?

Q16:  What was your most serious injury?

Q17:  Who was the oldest/youngest fighter in Steve's Backyard Boxing?

Q18:  Who has been the biggest/smallest fighter in Steve's Backyard Boxing?

Q19:  How do I join Steve's Backyard Boxing?

Q20:  Who are those people in the banner pictures?

Q21:  What has been your biggest turn out of people?

Q22:  What was the lowest turn out?

Q23:  How many fighters have there been in Steve's Backyard Boxing?

Q24:  What time does Steve's Backyard Boxing take place?

Q25:  How is the line up of fights determined?

Q26:  How is a winner determined?

Q27:  Didn't it take awhile to finish all those movies?

Q28:  What fights have stood out among them all?

Q29:  How are the rounds timed?

Q30:  Is there Color in Space?

Q31:  Hey! There weren't any Sexy Round Girls on the last day of footage. What's the Deal?

Q32:  What size are the gloves?

Q33:  Has anyone famous been in Steve's Backyard Boxing?

Q34:  Are Paradigm and Proactive really words?

Q35:  Is Steve's Backyard Boxing an Organization

Q36:  Does Steve's Backyard Boxing accept donations?

Q37:  Why Isn't Steve's Backyard Boxing year round?

Q38:  Who is this "social group" you speak of?

Q39:  Did Steve create Steve's Backyard Boxing, I've heard that Peter Clark created it?

Q40:  How did you get so much web space to put all those movies on the Internet

Q41:  What the Hell is Robot Revenge and why is it on the site?


The Steve's Backyard Boxing FAQ

Baby + Monkey Suit = Funny

Q:  Who is this kid?

A:  For a long while Steve has carried around the picture in his wallet (He still does last time we checked). It's kind of been a running gag that he shows people. He really doesn't have anything to do with Steve's Backyard Boxing (well except he did show up in one fight) and for the longest time his identity was shrouded in mystery. That was until our investigators had made a breakthrough during February 2001. After interviewing many witnesses in Jeffersonville during that month, our investigators were able to built a strong theory on how this picture came to be.

Quoth Mr. Hess, "One night, late summer of '99, Steve Knight, Steve Sparks, Kari Hamlet, Nicole Sartini and Aick Nndres, and some other people who I don't remember who and didn't know them at the time, went to the eighth street house for a final party at the eighth street house. it was very spur of the moment, the occasion was that Steve sparks had some wine in his car so we needed to find someplace to drink it. Every one had moved out of the house except for nick, but there was lots of
trash and junk left over, which included a photo album of Norma's [star of Gohmann's "Take It Easy," which contained the picture. I had seen the picture many times before, but had never seen it while drunk. So, seeing it and thinking it funny, I show it to Steve. I don't remember what happened next but we couldn't stop laughing. If we did stop, we would look at each other and just begin laughing again. The madness escalated to the point where both Steve and I were running around the house, attacking the others acting like monkey. We were drunk."

 Apparently Steve thought this picture was so funny he went to Kinko's to make a copy which he would later keep in his wallet until this very day.  Scientists and researchers have proven that Baby + Monkey Suit = Funny and when combined with a website FAQ it yields a 50% increase in funniness. It's true, just go to Aaron Sayre's web site
for the "Baby in the Monkey Suit" WinAMP skin. The "Baby in Monkey Suit" represents a new paradigm in web page funniness. 


Q: Why doesn't any of the movies work on the site?

A: We get this question way too much, but I'll try to explain again. Anyway the answer is simple, you need to install the DiVX ;-) codec found on the DiVX ;-) website. It's not a format officially supported by most major movie playing programs because it's basically a hacked version Microsoft's MPEG-4 codec so it's not normally installed when you install whatever movie player you happen to have. If you're curious why it was chosen as the format for Steve's Backyard Boxing, it's because the file size is so much smaller than MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 but it still maintains the quality which is needed to appreciate the fights.  A side note, if you're using Netscape (preferable not 6.0)  the clips on the review pages won't show up unless you click the boxes and then click the pictures.  


Q:  How long do fights last?

A: Once again, this is NOT Fight Club. Fights do NOT gone on as long as they have to. There are 3 rounds in a fight, each lasting a minute each. Though if some injury occurs, the fighters become too tired, or they don't want to continue the fights will be stopped. The fights are just for fun there is no need to continue if for some reason it stop being fun because of injury, fatigue, or whatever. 


Q:  What backyard does Steve's Backyard Boxing takes place in?

A:  221 West Maple Street Jeffersonville, IN is where Steve Backyard Boxing took place last year from April to August. It was the backyard of the apartment that Steve lived in. The apartment was in downtown Jeffersonville and was right next to a off/on ramp on I-65. The apartment was conveniently located next to a Thornton's gas station which probably made tons of money from all the people who went to Steve's and needed food. He wasn't to big on keeping the refrigerator stocked (except for beer). This place is no longer Steve's apartment as he has gone off to college, but if you ever want to stop by we hear there are Mexicans that don't speak English living on the bottom floor. 

The 2001 Season took place at the Riverhouse @ 417 East Riverside Drive in Jeffersonville  & 204 East High Street (not too far from the original backyard). As of right now there is no permanent place. I'll post a new update if a new location and event comes up.

Until further notice SBB will take place @ 204 East High Street in Jeffersonville, IN.


Q:  What is the Riverhouse?

A:  As the story goes, Steve's dad was going through a mid-life crisis at one point in his life. His remedy? Buy a house and renovate it. It was a project where Steve's dad had the money, but not the time. Alas, the house was never fixed up. But where people saw a fading-away dilapidated old house, Steve saw a place of glorious events and hence the Riverhouse was born. With the addition of a few couches, chairs, tables, a refrigerator, mattresses, and a füzzball table the Riverhouse was the place to hold many drunken parties. Unfortunately, during the last great party of '99 Steve's parents found out about the exploits and came in and busted the party. Since then, it has been cleaned up for the new season of SBB but most likely won't be used again due to do the incident( See News Archives: June 22, 2001)


Q:  Don't people think you're crazy for doing this?

A:  Some think it's odd. Most think it's funny if anything. The funniest thing is to see the reaction on people's faces.  Check out Steve's landlord, he never seemed too happy about Steve's activities. He once brought over a family to check out the bottom floor room for rent (Steve lived in the top room) while most of us were in front of the house making T-Shirts. Needless to say, the landlord didn't sell the room.

The Lord of the LandI'm Going to Bury those MotherFuckers

Q:  What the hell is he digging?

A: This footage was caught by our most excellent temporary camera person Claire Dufton. Steve Backyard Boxing researchers have speculated that it was for a dead body (or grave possibly for Steve!). We aren't sure. Some have suggested renaming "The Landlord" to "The Gravedigger."


Q:  Why the hell does it say "Fuck" or something else on the footage?

A:  Video camera recorders have this nifty feature were you can add text to the recordings. Matt Sparks put some funny words in at the perfect time during the fights. But when some else took over the camera, they didn't know how to get rid of  "Fuck" on the recording. It was kind of annoying but we lived with it.


Q:  Who handles the recording of the movies, digitizing, and such?

A:  Teddy is kind of known for being the camera guy in our social circle. The camera equipment is usually his that records the fights. Ted "Theodore" Gohmann's  is an accomplished director, some of his work includes "Veins on Johnson", "Veins on Johnson 2", "Saint Anthony's Athletics","Mocklngbird Authentic Soccer 2000", "Take It Easy", "The Cage", "Busted!", countless movies of drunken Steve parties, the unfinished and never-to-be-released "Take It Easy 2: Have a Good One"( the trailer can be found here), and the epic cop drama "Good Cop, Bad Cop" (and a Rogue...) (the trailers can be found here and here). The digitization, frame capture, animated GIFs, and website is currently being handled by Shawn Conn and some collaboration with Steve Knight


Q:  So is there Inter-Gender Boxing in Steve's Backyard Boxing?

A:  Sure is. Jody Barnes started Inter-Gender fights at Steve's Backyard Boxing by fighting Elizabeth Wilson and Hafsa Bhatti. He was able to achieve his success easily by having no self-respect. For a while, he maintained his Inter-gender champion title until Conn and Dufton started their rivalry. After having his title threaten, Barnes called out Conn on the Father's Day Boxing Event. While he blew off Barnes's threats at first, he eventually stepped into the ring with Barnes only to stomp him flat. Since then, Barnes was disabled with Mono during the 2000 season, preventing him from fighting, and while he has made his return Conn and Dufton have fought for their 7th time. Currently Claire Dufton holds the role as the Inter-Gender fighting champ.


Q:  Why is Steve so cheap not buying T-Shirts for the fighters?

A:  Steve buys enough beer and liquor for parties and social events to supply a 3rd world country. Hence, he doesn't have money to buy T-Shirts. You do the math( T-Shirts = Good < Beer = Gooooood).


Q:  Why were the boxing days ever other week?

A:  A number of reasons, it would get old, it wouldn't be as much of an event, and it would cause less attendance. Attendance and lack of people showing up was one the reason SBB didn't have many events in the 2002 season.


Q:  Has anyone been banned from Steve's Backyard Boxing?

A:  Yes. Josh Vancza after his appearance on the first boxing day would never come back as he fought very cheaply( using his legs, bum rushing people, hitting Chapman in the back of the head, and punching others into trees) and not within the spirit of what Steve's Backyard Boxing is supposed to be. Steve has since banned him from all future boxing events. Also, Chad Boaz has been banned. While not fighting cheaply at Steve's Backyard Boxing, he did run up Steve's phone bill to $200 by calling phone sex lines. When told of the charges made, he said, "Somebody charged $200 on your phone? that's horrible... do you have any idea who it might have been? I would kick their ass when you find out!!" Steve was able to get some of the charges off the bill, but he still had to pay more money than he normally would have. Hence, Chad has been banished from all social events concerning Steve.  


Q:  What has been Steve's Backyard Boxing biggest moment of fame?

A:  During summer '00, Steve and company was able to gather up 10 or so people to volunteer for Louisville's "Shakespeare in the Park" and for doing so we got a mention at intermission on the stage in front of a crowd of about (give or take a few)1000 people.


Q:  Have you ever thought of charging for admission at Steve's Backyard Boxing?

A: Never. One similarity Steve's Backyard Boxing has with Fight Club is that it is free to all. No one in their right mind would pay to see such amateur fights. It's just for fun anyways.


Q:  What was your most serious injury?

A:  Just check the top injuries list above. So far the greatest injury was the total knockout of Jason Abmub by one of Vinny's friends. Unfortunately we don't have the footage, just a review of what took place.


Q:  Who was the oldest/youngest fighter in Steve's Backyard Boxing?

A:  So far the youngest has been Nathan "The Kid" Johnson at somewhere around 12 years old and the oldest has been Vincent "Vinny" Damn who's probably in his mid-thirties.

Q: Who has been the biggest/smallest fighter in Steve's Backyard Boxing?

A:  The smallest would either go to Nathan "The Kid" Johnson or Melanie "Pixie" Smith. The biggest and badest would definitely be Vincent "Vinny" Damn 


Q:  How do I join Steve's Backyard Boxing?

A:  Just show up during one of the boxing days. Anybody is free to come, the more the merrier.  While it currently doesn't run during from September to April due to most people affiliated with Steve's Backyard Boxing being in college, it will be continued during summer. At that time, the date and place will be posted on the site.


Q:  Who are those people in the banner pictures?

A:  Starting from the top left going right: Claire Dufton with a cheap hit from behind after the Conn VS Dufton: III fight, Jason Abmub laying a straight jab to Daniel Elliot's face in the proceeding Abmub VS Elliot fight, Steve Knight finishing the Steve Knight VS Popp: II fight with a heavy uppercut to Lenny Popp's head, and Emily Summerfield laying a jab smack dab into Claire Dufton's face after she threw a right hook into Emily's left tit in the infamous Dufton VS Summerfield fight. On the second row starting from the left: Jody Barnes throwing a crazy hook into Will Davis's face during the Jody Barnes VS Davis fight, Sam Vaughn dodging Brian Young's swing and then counterattacking with a hook that leaves Brian kissing dirt in the Vaughn VS Young fight, James Hess with a heavy hook at Peter Clark that was off by some degree in the Clark VS Hess fight, and Shawn Conn blocking all of Summerfield's attacks in the Conn VS Summerfield fight. 


Q:  What has been your biggest turn out of people?

A:  The biggest turnout has been the May 27th, 2001 Event or August 12th, 2002 Event. About 40-50 people showed up those days. Not all of them boxed, and not all of them stayed for the whole event but about 40-50 people showed up.


Q:  What was the lowest turn out?

A:   The June 24th and June 10th events for 2001 was for the most part non-existent. With the loss of Steve's parents' place, the Riverhouse, and Steve lacking a place. Backyard Boxing was pretty slow. With the lack of a set place, there was confusion among the masses where it was going to take place. So as it turned out, June 24th and June 10th was pretty much nothing.


Q:  How many fighters have there been in Steve's Backyard Boxing?

A:  Right now, there are 97 fighters listed on the site (plus the 2 that were banned). 21 Female, 76 Male. Once we get almost all everyone's information we might have a more accurate statistics. There are certainly more that 70 fighters, but as we catalogue more and more fights eventually we will have a true number.


Q:  What time does Steve's Backyard Boxing take place?

A:  It's usually not at set time. It usually starts some where around 3-4pm(because most people sleep late on Sunday morning despite the real start time being 2 pm) and usually ends around 6-8pm. There is no set-in-stone time, it's just when enough people show up to box. People are constantly coming and going as the fights are going on.


Q:  How is the line up of fights determined?

A:  Usually it's really spontaneous. Someone states they want to be in a fight or don't mind fighting and someone else tries to find an opponent. Sometimes people know ahead time who they want to fight or both parties decide they want to fight. So most of the time it's not known who's going to to fight who on a boxing day. People just know there's going to be fights.


Q:  How is a winner determined?

A:  There isn't a winner. Steve's Backyard Boxing has never been about winning or losing, it's just about having fun. As such, there isn't a determined winner or loser. There are some cases where most will consider that someone came out on the bad side, but both fighters are still honored for just stepping into the ring. And because of that, the records will never show a winner-or-loser or a win-loss record.


Q:  Didn't it take awhile to finish all those movies?

A:  Not as much as you think. The CPU has done most of the work, Shawn mostly just does a lot of clicking on the mizzouse. And if you're curious, the movies are MPEG-4 movies using the DiVX ;-)  and MP3 codecs.


Q:  What fights have stood out among them all?

A:   A few fights got a lot of attention and were amazing. Dufton VS Summerfield, Conn VS Dufton: III, Steve Knight VS Popp: II, and that fight where Abmub got knocked out come right to mind as instant classics. There's a lot more than that, but those are the ones that have stood out right away.


Q:  How are the rounds timed?

A:  We use a very scientific method of determining how long a minute passed( or 60 vibrations of a Cesium atom if you want to get scientific). That is to say we use whoever's watch that happens to be handy.


Q:   Is there Color in Space?

A:  A most excellent question. For the metaphorical answer turn here. For the scientific one, the answer depends where you're at in space. Color is the reflection of light at varying wavelengths. Space itself has no ambient light at all so there is no color, but if you're next to a star or something emitting light there will be color around it as light will be reflecting of things at different wavelengths hence producing what's know to us as color.


Q:   Hey! There weren't any Sexy Round Girls on the last day of footage. What's the deal? 

A:    Notice the statement above about the ratio of Male to Female boxers above(5:1 for those keeping track). That explains one aspect of it, the other and biggest was we simply forgot about doing the whole "Round Sign" thing the last day of boxing. So sue us.


Q:   What size are the gloves?

A:   16 oz. For those who aren't familiar with boxing gloves, the oz. represent how much padding there is in glove. 16 oz is a lot of padding and it's not what the professionals use so this is more of a glorious pillow fight. 


Q:  Has anyone famous been in Steve's Backyard Boxing?

A:   Nope...wait. Well there was that one time...but you probably wouldn't know him. So I guess the answer is no.       


Q:  Are Paradigm and Proactive really words?

A:  There is very heated, very controversial debate going on in the innards of Steve's Backyard Boxing whether these words are really part of the U.S. English Lexicon. While Paradigm and Proactive can both be found in Webster's dictionary, there has been much evidence suggesting the theory that marketers  created these words (by buying the English language from Noah Webster)  to sound smart (see The Simpson's: Season 8 Episode 14). Other theories such as Pepsi buying Mathematics to sell more soda to students have closed ties to this theory.


Q:  Is Steve's Backyard Boxing really an organization?

A:  In the non-profit, tax-exempt from the IRS sense of the word: no it isn't. In fact the name really implies it isn't a organization (Steve owning the backyard and all), but in the sense that its a group thing yes very much so. Without all the people, it would just be Steve in the backyard just drinking beer.


Q:  Does Steve's Backyard Boxing accept donations?

A:  Yes! Why not?! Though if you're looking for a tax-write you'll be sorely disappointed( see question above), but if you feel generous and you feel like giving money, boxing equipment, or whatever else you think we could use go for it. Just mail whatever you want to send to us to the following address:

Steve's Backyard Boxing 

204 East High Street

Jeffersonville, IN 47130

Any donation will be much appreciated. But don't think of this in anyway as a solicitation, I'm not seeking to profit from the website( hence the .org TLD). Any stuff donated will be used strictly used for website funding, equipment funding, or whatever futures costs that will be occurred by Steve's Backyard Boxing.


Q:  Why isn't Steve's Backyard Boxing year round?

A:  The majority of the boxers ( including Steve and website creator Shawn Conn ) are in college and/or high school and hence can't be boxing every other Sunday. So it only takes place in the summer. There have been other boxing events in the social circle, most notably one started by Mason Roberts before SBB became a reality on the 9th April, but they were never the size of SBB. All of this aside, the biggest reason SBB is only during the summer is most because of he Steve. Without his backyard there would be no backyard boxing, that and he knows a hella lot of people compared to most in the social group.


Q:  Who is this "social group" you speak of?

A:  It really isn't a set group per se, but it is a semi-close group of people that hang out with one another. We couldn't tell you all the members, but if you were a regular of Denny's in Clarksville, Steve's Backyard Boxing, Riverhouse parties, or person who hung at Steve's apartment it's a good bet that you were part of the group. It's hard to define, it's a pretty open group with people coming and going.


Q:  Did Steve really create Steve's Backyard Boxing, I've heard that Peter Clark created it?

A:  I guess the more applicable term is Peter co-created it. If you read the story about it's creation at the top, you'll see that if were not for Peter it probably wouldn't have existed in the first place. Why is Steve's Backyard Boxing then? Well it did take place in Steve's backyard after the series of fights that took place at Vinny's. Steve promoted the hell out of it, Steve let it expand out. So while Peter may have started it's birth, Steve was the one who made it what it was.  


Q:  How did you get so much web space to put all those movies on the Internet?

A:  A very generous Purdue University. They provide 488MB of web space for each student at Purdue. And because we know so many people at Purdue: Aaron Sayre, Craig Lee, Josh Newton, Sam Vaughn, Shawn Conn, and many more!  We have enough web space to contain a lot of movies. Plus we have a very generous guy who hosts the old archived movies on his server. Or rather we did, since most people have graduated since 2004. Thus, SBB's movies will be offline until it's owner can afford the webspace.


Q:  What the hell is Robot Revenge and why is it on the site?

A:  There are times in Jeffersonville (or Clarksville as the case may be) that extreme boredom will settle in. The area isn't much of a happening place and often time things are slow. Hence, you'll find many people hanging out at Denny's in Clarksville until the early hours of the morning. This boredom can get so sever that one can spend every night of their Spring Break @ Denny's (See Peter Clark, Shawn Conn, Ted Gohmann, et al.). This boredom can result in weird events happening. Case in point: Robot Revenge. Initially created by Gohmann himself as and end-all-be-all-do-all game of poker that would surely challenge even the most elite players, he soon found the the mechanics of the game play were flawed. Not caring about these flaws, the Robot Revenge tradition carried on at Denny's until Peter Clark and Alexander Brandenburg decided to tweak the rules for optimal effect. Gohmann resisted however as he claimed it gave the game an order that which didn't represent the true spirit of the chaotic world of Robot Revenge. Nonetheless, they developed and refined Robot Revenge until they though they had the perfect game. In the process though, they had created two different factions within the Robot Revenge community (i.e. the card players at Denny's): Those who preferred the Old School rules and those who liked the better, faster, sleeker Robot Revenge created by Peter and Alex that was called "Robot Revenge with a Vengeance." Since the banning of Mr. Clark and Gohmann at Denny's the community has be dying. There are some who play the game, but it was no longer in its prime as it was oh so long ago that Spring Break '01. The tradition of Robot Revenge lives on with the site as it part inspiration of the site. It's not really a main part, but if you want to see the rules they are here