Steve's Backyard Boxing: The Greatest Hits

The Story


     Steve Knight, creator of Steve's Backyard Boxing, wanted to define what Backyard Boxing was all about. After 4 months of boxing, beer, and blood there was much footage recorded: some good, some bad, some ugly. Many a time at Steve's place you could find Steve and company watching the fights. Some were watched so many times that you knew every hit that was to happen. Most notably the infamous Dufton VS Summerfield fight that was played in slow motion many a time while Steve commented on the action. Once he arrived in Wabash, he was given the tools needed to create his masterpiece.  


He began during September while at the same time collaborating with Shawn Conn on website. At the end of the summer, the plan was for Shawn to digitize the footage while Steve would create the website with his web space at Wabash. But as he began on the Greatest Hits video he realized that it was going to take a significant portion of his time. So much so that Shawn took over the effort on the website while he focused on the video. During the next 3 months the two would examine and digitize all the footage looking for great clips and pictures. Both would try to keep the projects from being known to the public as to not raise expectations beyond a unattainable level; Steve wouldn't even tell Shawn the music being used for the project. Nearing the end it was very hard for the two to keep it secret.

Finally, after 3 months in the making, the Steve's Backyard Boxing: The Greatest Hits premiered during November 2000 during the Ted Gohmann Film Festival (celebrating the film works of Ted Gohmann no less) and soon was copied by many. Soon the tape would show up at various parties and places in Jeffersonville and people that didn't even know Steve would hear about Steve's Backyard Boxing. Steve's goal was accomplished; the story of Steve's Backyard Boxing was told to many (and it did a helluva job promoting the next season of SBB).

Live the Excitement of...

 Being in the Crowd,

Basking in the Light of Glory,

The Humiliation of Getting Beat Down,

The Beer,

The Blood,

The Boxing,

The Cheap Hits,

The Roar of the Crowd,


What it Feels Like after Your First Fight,

The Confusion,

The Seats,

The Landlord,


and The Camaraderie


If you've heard the rumors and speculations on the Greatest Hits video, you would know that it is something to behold. Unfortunately due to the long time and hassle it takes to make dub VHS tapes, the distribution of the music video has some what been hampered and its audience has been limited down to a select few who have gotten a hold of a tape or seen played in various places around Jeffersonville. But now with the digitization of the video and the power of the internet distribution, the story can be told to millions.

Get the Greatest Hits Video!

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Running Time: 7 min 24 sec. Music: Daft Punk - Burnin' The "Steve's Backyard Boxing: The Greatest Hits" video is for noncommercial use only. The video is compressed with DiVX video (so download the codec otherwise it probably won't work!) using the v3 compressor and the audio is compressed in MPEG- Audio Layer III(MP3) format.  The video images are copyright of Steve's Backyard Boxing and can be distributed freely as long as they are for noncommercial use.