Files for Downloading

This is the quick-and-to-the-point page. All the files on the site for downloading are listed here. All the files are Zip compressed go to to get WinZip to decompress the files :

          The Big-Ass Boxing Media List-Here is the links for all the media files that are on this site on one simple page.

        True Type Stencil Font (Windows)-It came to our attention after testing this web page on another computer, that the stencil font doesn't show up if you don't have it installed. So here it is for downloading, just download the font and place the file into your FONTS directory (inside your Windows directory). (Side Note: We don't have a font for Mac users just yet. If any of you Mac users can email me the Stencil font and directions on how to install it on Mac OS I would appreciate it)

         DIVX Codec (Windows/Mac/Etc.)- Not to be confused with the lame pay-per-view DVD discs, the MPEG-4 DiVX ;-) Video Codec is needed to decode the video streams that make up the movies. Just visit the website and look for the codec for your appropriate operating system.

        MP3 Codec (Windows)-This is Radium's MPEG-Audio Layer 3(MP3) Codec for decoding the audio information of the movies. Just open up the zip and run the .exe it also has a few editing tools that are associated with the codec and MP3, just delete them if you don't want them. All you need is the codec installed. The codec is not always needed, if your computer is fairly new it probably already has one but this is the one we've use to encode the movies.

        Microsoft Media Player version 6.4 (Windows)- Use this to play the movies found on the site. If you already have a player that plays movies, you might not want to bother. But we can't guarantee it will work. All the movies, have been compressed using the MPEG-4 DiVX ;-)  Video Codec and the MPEG-Audio Layer 3 Codec and have been tested them with Media Player 6.4(version 7.0 and later sucks balls in my opinion). Most likely you'll have to download the DiVX codec and probably not the MP3 codec. You can find other versions of Media Player for other OSes at Microsoft.

       The Steve's Backyard Boxing Theme- Not being satisfied with over-killing a funny thing, I've went the extra effort to waste some of my time to create a Steve's Backyard Boxing Theme for the desktop. There are cursors, icons, sounds, wallpaper, and a lot of stuff. 

        Personal Information Form-Here is the information form(in PDF format)for Bios that will be posted on SBB site.

         Getright- I don't want to feel like I'm advertising, but I'm highly recommending this software if you're on a 56K (or worse) connection and you still want to download those really big files. Getright will allow to stop downloading when you want and allow you to continue right where you left off without having to start all over. It also lets you do a slew of other things.