What do you think of the site? If you have comments, questions, criticism, critiques, or any sort of opinion on the site and want to be heard, send it to [email protected].  The Steve's Backyard Boxing Website is constantly a work in progress so any feedback you have to offer is welcomed. Remember, if you have questions please consult the FAQ or the Notice first. You'll save us both time by consulting it first. Most of the questions I get are already answered in it.

Important Contacts

Hey I fought in Steve's Backyard boxing, and I don't see me in the hall of champions or I hate the picture you used of me

        Unfortunately, it's tough to find all the people who has fought in Steve's Backyard Boxing( I doubt Steve even knows all the people who have). We do our best to make this site work. If you hate the picture, submit a digitized one to (yup that's right) [email protected] with your name in the subject line. If you fought in Steve's Backyard Boxing and weren't in the hall of champions please fill out this Personal Information Template and send it with a digitized picture of yourself to [email protected] and add your name in the subject line to make it easier for us. Your submission will be reviewed by the Steve's Backyard Boxing Committee and after much counsel you will be placed in the hall of champions. If you want a theme song on your page find a clip of a song (or tell me the song in a email with the time position in the song) that loops well and submit it to me via email.

The Hall of the Missing Bios

        I've compiled a list of people who I have yet to find, get a hold of, or whatever for Bios. If you feel like being so kind and if you know any of these people, tell them I would appreciate their bios.

SBB Guestbook

        Want to make you're mark on Steve's Backyard Boxing? Can't find a way to Jeffersonville, IN during the summer to fight? Well do about the next best thing, sign the guestbook. Give comments, questions, and more!!!

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SBB Mailing List

      Want to be informed when the site gets updated or noteworthy events in Steve's Backyard Boxing? Just enter your email address below and click the button and you'll be added to the Steve's Backyard Boxing Mailing List. Also if you want to check it out, here is the Yahoo group page.


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SBB Email

        If you have fought in Steve's Backyard Boxing not only are you entitled to have your mug and biographicalinformation posted on the site but you are also eligible to receive an email address. You have one of two options:

If you want a POP3 account (that is an account that you can send and receive email from) you have to fork over $5 to me(That's the cost of adding another email account from the company that manages the address).

If you don't want to pay any money, you can just have forwarding SBB email address that takes any email sent to that adress and sends it to the existing email account that you specify.

Either way, just email [email protected] with whatever your request is. If you haven't fought in Steve's Backyard Boxing but you feel that your affiliated enough with the group that you deserve such an email address, send some email to [email protected] and I will consult with the others about creating an email address if you have a valid claim.



      All files, sounds (with the exception of theme songs that are from copyrighted songs), movies, gifs, pictures (with the exception for those found on the Robot Revenge Page), text, and other media found on this site is ( and don't forget & !) by Steve's Backyard Boxing. You can do what ever the hell you want with the media files you find on the site, but if you find out a way to profit from them and/or take credit for them may you burn in Hell.