The Hall of the Champs

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This page is for the people who make Backyard Boxing become a reality. They risk life and limb for the sole purpose of entertaining the masses. There is no greater sacrifice. To view the fighters click one of the buttons of above (based on your Internet connection and how you want to view the fighters), then click on whichever veteran's picture to view more information about him. Note that these pages take the longest to load because of the great amount of pictures and sound*


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Aick NndresJody "Cap'n Booty" BarnesLee BarnesHafsa "Terrorist" BhattiAlexander BrandenburgJimmy BroonerAmy BrooksMike BrooksJason "Out Cold" AbmubAdam "Chickenlips" Carver Jon ChapmanMatt ChinnRicky  "Scuzz" ChristensenPeter ClarkShawn "If the Name Don't Rhyme It Ain't Mine" ConnDavid CrawfordsJeremiah CutrightJared DavisWill "Out Like a Gladiator" DavisVincent "Vinny" DamnEric DeasonJimmy DeVoireNick DitmeierKevin DennisLindsey DouglassClaire "Cannibal" DuftonJosey EarlDaniel ElliotTJ FleenerForrest "Demolition Man" FlemingNicky "Da Fish" FloydJohn "Bruce Lee" FordGeorge "Fro" Foster Jr.Keith FreemanDan "Mr. Danger" GarciaByron GaryTed "Theodore" GohmannMelissa GorhamPatrick GraceAndy HainlineJames HessAnna HolmesKim HustonDustin IngramBrandon "Oklahoma" IsaakChris JohnsonNathan "The Kid" JohnsonVirgina KeeneyStephanie KeithShannon KimbleRoger KnightSteve KnightMike LawerenceCraig "Chalky-Fingers" LeeMichelle LossnerSheri LossnerEmily MabeChris MagnusBen MattiuzRandy "The Abused Irishman" McCombNate MercerShannon MosesJason NewtonJosh Cunt NewtonBrad NuggetJeremy O'BrienJosh "Not Jeremy, You Fuckin' Idiot" O'BrienRay O'ConnorRachel OliveraBen PaineLenny PoppBrad RajchelJeremiah RascheMike RailaCorie RileyMason "I Don't Get Sarcasm" RobertsPaul RobeyLawson "I am the Law" RogersSarah Rogers-WinnerAaron "Vegan Killer" SayreChris SchneiderMandy SchneiderNick " The Scottish Slugger" ScottMelanie "Pixie" SmithcSteve SparksEmily SummerfieldLesly ThielColin TriplettDevin TriplettAndrew TroutJosh VallejosSam VaughnCatherine "Cat" WilsonElizabeth "Heather or Bessie" WilsonAndy WisemanBrian Young 




(Disclaimer: Generally, I'm opposed to for sound being on WebPages. I hate it when I'm browsing a site and all of sudden a have to hear some lame-ass MIDI that has nothing to do with the place I'm at. But I believe that sound can be used well as long as the viewer isn't bombarded with pointless music that has nothing to do with the site and they have no way of turning off the music because usually the play controls are buried where you can't find it. With that said, the only place the Steve's Backyard Boxing site has sound is when you click on a Bio and that person has a theme song. I thought it appropriate and it worked well with the theme each fighter has. If you don't like to hear the music, it clearly says "press ESC to stop the theme," so no whining about the music. Thank you for your time)