The Hall of the Champs

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This page is for the people who make Backyard Boxing become a reality. They risk life and limb for the sole purpose of entertaining the masses. There is no greater sacrifice. To view the fighters click one of the buttons of above (based on your Internet connection and how you want to view the fighters), then click on whichever veteran's picture to view more information about him. Note that some of these pages take long to load because of the pictures and sound*

For those Homies that aren't still with us

General Stats

Current # of members in the Hall of Champs: 97

Current # of members in the Hall of the Damned: 2

Total: 99

# of Male Fighters: 76

# of Female Fighters: 21

# of Bios actually filled out by people: 99

# of lazy bums and/or fighters who are MIA on Bios: 1

First letter of last names not used by any of the fighters: Q, U, X, Z

Most used first letter of last name: D (9 fighters)

# of fighters with theme songs: 20


Trooper Award (Most fights in one boxing day): 

Will Davis (4) ties with Jon Chapman (4) (Mr. Popp had his taken away after a squabble with Mr. Knight)


Most Prolific Fighter (total number of fights): 

Shawn Conn(25)


Been there, Done that Award (total # of boxing days participated in):

Steve Knight(15/16)


The Rock Award( no injuries as of yet and having the biggest # of fights. Not to be confused with "The Rock"): 

Ben Paine (6)


Got my Face Smashed in and all I Got was this lousy T-Shirt award( most injuries): 

Shawn Conn (4)


Most Deadly (Greatest causer of injuries on the Top 10 list): 

Claire Dufton (2)


Most Obnoxious Theme Song (Done by the scientific test of playing the themes all at once at determining which gets drowned out the least):

Lenny Popp with Black Flag's "Wasted"


Most Liked Theme Song (Decided by word of the people): 

Craig Lee with Three Six Mafia's "Hit A Muthafucka"


Inter-Gender Champion Award (Most fights against the opposite sex):

Claire Dufton (11)


Going the Distance Award (Greatest # of known (i.e. filmed) full, 3 round fights):

Shawn Conn (7)


Got knocked the fuck out award: 

Jason Abmub (just because he deserves his own award)


Amount of beer drank at SBB: God only knows...


The Hall of the Damned

Most of the fighters are hailed as champs after fighting a great fight, but then there are those who disgrace and shame what backyard boxing is about. For them there is a special place reserved for them.












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