The big-ass boxing media list

Right here you'll find the four types of media files: The Full Movies, The Clips, The Audio Tracks, or just some random other movies that pertain to this site. Once again, all these movies require the DiVX ;-) codec to be installed on your computer. The Full Movies are pretty big and last time I checked 56K is gay (ha!), if you still want to download the really big files and you are on such a connection, I'd recommend getting Getright for your computer. It allows you pause downloading and resume so if your connection gets broken you don't have to start all over again.  

Entire Fight Collection - 134 Fights (3.33 GB)

Full Fights - 12Fights (460 MB)

2004 Season

The Last Backyard Boxing?


Full Fights - 16Fights (532 MB)

2003 Season

The Return of Backyard Boxing

Full Fights - 12Fights (366 MB)

2002 Season

Bloody Monday: One Last Huzzah